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531 For Powerllifting Progress Log


I am 35 yrs old. 5-8" 220lbs.

I will be doing DL/BP only. No squatting or military press except for use as supplemental work.

DL 410 1RM
BP 290 1RM


6-7 Tuesday
Bench 175x3 205x3 235x3 255x1 275x1 missed 295

Hammer Curls 3x10
Tate Press 3x10

Today was 3x3 day. Missed 295 at lockout. Came off the chest quick. Hadn't tried for a 1RM in a while. Triceps will be top priority for June.


6-9 Thursday 531 DL

Dead Lift 225x3 255x3 295x5(80%)
Good Mornings 5x10
Back Raises 5x10
Neck Harness 2x20

Lifted early so wasn't feeling very strong. My back got a good workout tho. Lower and upper back will be priority for June.


Why no squat or military press?


Per Squat - my form sucks and am not willing to continue trying to make it right until I come across someone who can coach me. Hurt the tendon between my quad/knee and knee/shin that kept me from doing any squat/DL for two months from putting too much pressure on the quads during squatting. Stopped at 385lbs raw squat before hurting it.

Per Press - I'll still do press as part of assistance work when a weak area needs attention.

Tuesday is bench. Thursday is DL. I do two assistance exercises for helping weak areas for 5x10 each main lift session. Saturday is recap of Tue/Thu assistance work - no main lift.


6-11 Saturday - Assistance work

Good Mornings 5x10
Tate Press 5x10
Close grip bench press 5x10
Back Raise 5x10
Neck Harness 2x25

Assistance day. Hammies were still a little sore from Thursday.


6-14 Tuesday 531 BP

Bench 95x12,12 135x10 185x8,8 215x10(75%)
Military Press 65x12,12 75x10 95x8,8
Neck Harness 10x20 15x20,20 20x20,20,20

Little under the weather today. 3x5 today but decided to go more volume and make sure to hit the last set reps since that is the main goal of the program. This seems to be more benefical for me to warmup and hypertrophy.


You don't train anywhere or have access to anyone who knows anything about the lift?


Well, my schedule doesn't allow for it right now. But.....the stubborn man that I am.....I went ahead and did some light box squatting for volume just to get the feel again. Working more on a wider stance, pushing knees out and sitting back - less pressure on my knees.


6-15 Wednesday 531 DL

Box Squats 95x12,12 135x10 185x8 205x8
DL 135x2x5 185x3 225x3 275x5(75%)
DB Row 50x12,12 60x10 70x8,8
Good Mornings 95x10,10,10
Neck Harness 20x20,20,20

75% day today on DL final set. Decided not to punk out on squatting so did some lighter volume box squats to get back into it.


6-17 Friday

Ran Hills today (16). Left shoulder giving me some issues so no pressing movements. Did 5x15 light band face pulls at work w/ some pullups and chinups. Will probably squat tomorrow w/ some back volume.


6-18 Saturday 531 Box Squat

Box Squat 95x12 135x12 185x10 225x8 245x10(80%) 245x3
Neck Harness 5x20
Light band face pulls 5x15
Average band chinups 5x5

Did the face pulls and chinups at work.


they way I helped a buddy of mine get ready for squats is to have him walk up to a wall and place his toes against the wall and then squat. you should be able to do this with out hitting the wall with your face or chest. In my opinion it is a great way to teach someone to sit back and stay up right. for starters you can step 2 or 3 inches back from the wall but the end goal is to have the toes against the wall

p.s these are body weight only or with a broom stick to get your hands into position and work on the elbow forwards que.