531 for Powerlifters Template

so I modified the meet prep template a little from the 5/3/1 for power lifters template and plan on running this for awhile after the meet. I like the singles thrown in and also like some of the volume work I think this works for all of it…
for the most part it is

3 week with max number of reps on the 3rd set plus a single at 85% of actual max
5 week with max number of reps
5/3/1 week with only those reps and a single at 90% and 95% OF actual max.
deload week

hoping I like this as I seem to crave the heavy stuff and it does so much for my confidence that its not even funny…

tell me what you think…

Are those percentages based on an actual max lift you’ve hit or are they based on the training max?

^ X 2

they are based off of my actual maxes here is an example of week one bench

Bench training max 230 actual 255
80% x3 185
85% x 3 200
90% x 3 or more 210
90%x1 230

5/3/1 week
75% x 5 175
85% x 3 200
95% x 1 220
90% x1 230
95%x1 245