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531 for PL, Last Set on '3' and '531' Weeks


Hey thanks for all the replys on a couple previous questions ive asked.. i search online for answers first if i can't find the answers then i ask here.. try not to bug people to much lol.. Anyway, doing 5 3 1 for powerlifting.. i do heavy singles on the " 3 " weeks and the 531 weeks as jim says to do... can i also push the last set for amrap as well on those same days? or is amrap plus a couple heavy singles to taxing?



You can, and Wendler has suggested that you continue to go for extra reps on the last set


thanks chris


The new book Beyond 531 explains this is much greater detail. Calls them Joker Sets.


I believe that in that particular book, he recommended still going for “as many” on the third set prior to the singles. But he does tend to contradict himself a lot, so take that for what it’s worth.


In his latest book, he recommends going for max reps on that 3rd set, then continuing to add weight and doing further sets of 5 (or 3 or 1, depending on the week) until you can’t continue, then working up to a single, and then doing 3x8 with your first work set weight.


I haven’t read the latest book, but I was under the impression that the singles were only to be used when peaking for a meet. And, in that case, the final amrap sets are a bit overkill. If you’re using the singles outside of meet prep, I imagine it’s just a matter of paying close attention to your body and just doing as you feel works best for you / is necessary.