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531 for Hardgainers: No Prowler Available

Hi guys,

I want to do the 531 for Hardgainers template. The only problem is that neither my gym or anyone near has a sled or a prowler.

How should I replace the 20-30 minutes Prowler work after workout 2 and 4?
Is the aim to do steady-state cardio or HIIT?

There’s a thread topic further down asking the same question, check it out

I have the same issue. I’m gonna replace it with tire drags.

I would say HIIT…since that is the nature of prowler work. My suggestion would be a stairclimber machine if your gym has one, sprint intervals, stadium stairs, tire flips, etc. Basically go old school and go hard and you should get about the same results conditioning wise.

Thanks guys!

Would it be possible to replace them with heavy farmer’s walks once or twice a week? Of course NOT for conditioning.

Those are very different movements. I would go with the tire sled idea, or get the spud magic carpet sled.

Excuse the ignoroance, but are you saying that sled drags are better for conditioning than farmers walks? I’ve been substituing out sled drags/sprinting for farmers walks lately and maybe that isnt such a good idea?

Not better; different. They’re different movements, and you can’t really switch one out for the other.

I would never use farmer’s walks for conditioning, but that’s because I’m a strongman and they’re an event. The prowler/sled is an amazing conditioning tool, especially due to it’s lack of eccentric loading. There is also minimal risk of failure/injury if you jack up a prowler vs farmer’s walks.

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