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531 for a Beginner

Hey Jim and everybody else

I have a bud that wants a routine for size and get a bid stronger.So far he uses a body part split and hasn’t seen all that much change

His bench is at 190 or so and he has never squatted I think

So,given that he likes doing some accessory stuff and he likes ohp and bench I decided to introduce him to 531

So,which of all the routines would you reccomend for someone that has no experience squatting or deadlifted?

Bench and Press - 5’s PRO with 5x5 FSL.

In between every set of bench/press do 10 reps of DB Squat with as heavy a weight as you can. I have kids that squat 185 that do 10x10 with a 100lbs dumbbell. So anyone can do this.

Squat and Deadlift - 5’s PRO with 10x5 of FSL

In between every set, alternate between dips for 10+ reps and some kind of row for 10 reps.

Lift 3 times/week. 10-20 jumps before lifting. Agile 8, etc. Aerobic/recovery work on off days. I have kids who have very little experience do this and they also run so any schmo can do this.

I am very sick of the excuses I hear and I have kids do WAY MORE than this and have less training experience than most people. Either get on board or get left behind.


Thanks for the response Jim