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531 Football: CNS Recovery? Speed Training and Lower Body Days?

In college, played for a strength coach that was a big 531 and I became a big believer in Jim’s program. I’ve been coaching in high school since 2010 and in 2011 our program adopted Jim’s 531 football philosophy. As we’ve improved our weight room, gotten more young men involved, and tried to stay with the times we have adapted here and there for improvements.

I’ve seen over the past couple years Jim talk about using bodybuild the upper and athlete the lower with his team. I’ve done the program myself and think it’s awesome. I am curious how it works with the speed training and position specific drills as Jim talked about in 531 football. How does it work with 48 hours recovery for the CNS, or is the CNS not being taxed the same way? Is it best to do speed training prior to the squat and deadlift days?

I am not familiar with the 48 hour rule. Kids have very poor inter and intra muscular coordination so as long as you have built in indicators, you’ll be fine.