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531 Face Pulls and Band Pull Aparts

Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I’ve been running 531 for a bit now and recently got forever recently. In the book band pull aparts and face pulls are listed under the pull category. Do you most of you count these towards your totally pull count for the day or do you do this additionally to support your shoulder health?

Do them everyday

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Do it however you want.

That sections also mentions the rep ranges are GUIDELINES only and you’re free to do more of less if you want.

Pullaparts are very easy work so you could do 50-100 before or during your workout and not count them.

Or you’re feeling tired and beat up so you don’t do any pulls other than the pullaparts, that’s fine too.

Focus on the main lifts and you’ll be all good.


Thanks for the advice. I have been using them as part of my warm up and I must say my shoulders have been better then ever