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531 During Rugby League Season



I’m about to begin a new season of rugby and am trying to work out what program I should do as my “in season” routine. I spent the whole off season doin 531 and love the program (added 30kg to my deadlift! Noob gains!!).

Would 531 twice a week be the best way forward?

We play Saturday, train Tuesday and Thursday.


The in season program is in several articles and in the book. I would start there.


Hey mate nice to see a rugby league player on here i dont play any more but i do miss it at times. No offense to american football but rugby league is the greatest game of all i cant think of any other game that requires the mix of strength speed skill and endurance we have some freaks here in the nrl that i believe would do better in the nfl. For in season full body 5 pro with fsl 2 days a week there is plenty of examples on here and jims books as he said. Also i used to do a quick power session at the end of week nothing taxing just some mobility stretching jumps/throws/olympic lifts but entirely up to u


When i say do better in the nfl im talking of jarred hayne he has done awesome over there


Rugby League IS “the greatest game of all!”! Im in my 10th season of senior footy and the body is starting to really feel it haha.

I bought the original 531 e-book when it first came out and havent really ready the other editions but sounds like there is a lot more info out now.

Would it be a good idea to read up on the newest edition?


Thanks for the reply.


Get beyond 531 theres a ton of info that will set your lifting up for life


I’d certainly recommend it mate. It’s an interesting read if nothing else and I find myself flicking through even when I don’t have any intention of changing my program.

I haven’t played Rugby League for three years now but I still have the screwed up ankles to show for it after 8 seasons. You gotta love it though, what a game!


Ended up reading through beyond 531 and am going to go with the 28 weeks of training 2 day a week template as layed out in the book! Thanks for your responses guys!

Did my first squat/bench session last week and wow. The FSL rest pause stuff is alot harder than it looks on paper haha!