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531- Do the Days Matter?

Wendler has set it up as Press - Deadlift - OFF - Bench - Squat - OFF - OFF

does the order of the exercises matter, as in did he have a reason for having it in this order, or can I freely move it around without it deviating from “531”

As long as you don’t do something stupid with the order, it shouldn’t matter.

thanks. of course not planning on back to back squat deads

They do matter…as in choose the upper one and the lower one you are weakest with and put those first in the week.

really? what’s the difference?

[quote]kickureface wrote:
really? what’s the difference?[/quote]

One would theoretically want to hit their weaker bodyparts first so they can make sure to have more focus and freshness available for the body part. It’s why a lot of dudes train calves first, because a lot of times by the time you get to the end of a leg day they are the last thing you really want to think about.

Now, that’s not to say that most people DO put their weaker parts first, lol.

After doing it for a while here are some general rules for the split I learned

  1. Order does not matter as long as it alternating upper and lower days
  2. Don’t lift more than 2 days in a row
  3. If your bench day was Wednesday the earliest you want to do it again is the following Wednesday, etc
  4. Special exceptions for #2 and #3 are fine if you can’t make it to the gym for a few days and want to finish a workout earlier, as long as you don’t do this often.

If you take two days off for the weekend then the order probably matter more, Monday you being a bit fresher