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531 Deload for Non-Failure Hypertrophy Work?


My guess is that Jim Wendler choose to add a deload week every month to give a break to the CNS and not really to the muscle..

So could the deload week be used for some high rep, low rest, non-failure workout(kind of a pump/hypertrophy training). The CNS stimulation would probably be minimal, thus still letting it recover, and that week could as a way to pump nutrient to the muscle, still stimulate the muscle and act as a mild cardio vascular training.

Exemple , after your 3 sets of the main mouvement with the % indicated for deload, 4 sets of 12-15 with around 50% 1MR ( Keeping 2-3 rep short of failure) with 60-90 sec rest beetween sets, for 2 or 3 assistance work.

What do y'all think?


I think you should just do it as written.


You feel smart about spitting the same copy-pasta weak sauce than any brainless sheep could write? Did you even read the book? There is actually no fix deload written, beside for the main lift. The whole 5 3 1 is just a scheme for the main lift, its actually a pretty open system and let you choose your assistance lift.

Anybody have a more pertinent answer?


try it let us know. If your strength stalls in a month or two you will have your answer. Anytime you tinker with a program it is possible to have good or bad results.


I can't help but notice that you asked us what we think and then got mad when I did that.

Calm down dude.

And this was covered in the Q&As of the books, which I assume you read since you were quoting it at me.


Try it and if you start feeling run-down, take a deload. This is the only way to really know.

You might also play around with a deload even if you don't feel that you need one, and see if you come back stronger.

I keep a record of my reps on the last main lift, and that is a good indicator of what is working or not.


Well considering how page 73 of the book, in the FAQ, addresses this EXACT topic, I would have to ask if YOU even bothered to read the book before chiding someone else for not doing it either?

How's that for a pertinent answer, Douchebag?


by the way did you say copy/pasta???


I hope your joking. Again, the is nothing PRECISE about it. I asked about doing light weight, high rep, NON-failure assistance, how is that not a deload, baby girl?


Apparently the copy pasta comes with weak sauce too, haha.


How is that "cutting back on everything"?


Do you really came from Maryland? I really enjoyed Maryland muscle machine.


How is that "cutting back on everything"?

How is this not? Is your assistance work always high rep low weight 2-3 rep short of failure? Cause to me, that cutting back.


Generally yes.

Especially as your goal here is for it to be hypertrophy work. If it's intense enough to promote hypertrophy, it's not cutting back.


What would your assistance work look like during deload? Do you skip it completely


I can't really call what I'm running 5/3/1 anymore. I've modified the shit out of it. But that said, I have 1 month where I still push the assistance work and the next month I pretty much only hit some light bodyweight stuff.


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I got three really good responses in this old thread that might help you.