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531/Dan John Hybrid I've Been Doing

As I’m getting older, I’m trying to stay smart about training. I’ve been drawn to Dan John and Jim Wendler routines, and have taken some aspects from each to arrive at my current routine. Any thoughts?

Using 85% TM:

5’s PRO Bench Press, super-setted with goblet squats and DB SLDL. Kyrpteia-style the whole way through.


  1. Deadlifts, Dan John style: 5 sets of two. Start at 135 and keep slapping on weight in ~50 lb jumps. Work up to your TM for a top set of 2. Superset with broad jumps.

  2. OHP: 5’s PRO, then do 5x10 @ FSL. Superset only the BBB part with weighted pull ups (5x10 with 25 lbs added)

5’s PRO Squats, but use Zercher squats. Once you reach the top weight, switch to Back Squats for 5x10 @ FSL. Note this weight is based on your Zercher squat TM, so it’s lighter than usual if you were basing it on back squats. Strive for full ROM and good, strong form using this lighter weight.
Superset the whole time krypteia-style with alternating ring dips and ring rows in sets of 10-15.
(This is taken from DJ’s idea of using front or zercher squat for your heavy, lower rep sets, and never doing a set of back squats of less than 10 reps).

Add 2 days of medium/hard conditioning (sports) and 1 day easy conditioning (jog). Try to fit one yoga session in.

Notes: I like this set up because the lower reps of DL keeps me feeling fresher throughout the week, and using zercher’s rather than back squats for the heavy sets also keeps me feeling less beat up.

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In my older years I like both guys too. Personally I were to mix the 2 principles I would follow Wendler principles for the main compound movements then John’s for accessory work.