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531 Bench Twice a Week

I think Jim once wrote, if you can’t handle press’ floor press’, incline and close grips are valuable;e substitutes. I’m going to try it with floor press’ until I gain the mobility necessary for OH press again.

My .02 (forgive me if someone already mentioned something similar)

If you would like and extra bench day use the ohp day to do board presses. Do ohp as an accessory that day. Board presses have helped my bench a lot whereas doing ohp for the 5/3/1 seemed to hurt my bench.

[quote]daserati wrote:
I may be wrong but pressing 5/3/1 and extra singles on workout 9 and 11, and 21 and 23 seems excessive. And there is no 5/3/1 day for bench so I just assumed it was a typo. But I may be completely wrong.

Edit: mods removed my previous post and link to 5/3/1 frequency project. Must consider Wendlers sites spam. [/quote]
Yeah they took down the post where I quoted you. I think the link to a pdf triggered it? not sure

I’ll email Jim about it

[quote]AnytimeJake wrote:
if you do the flip flop, with BBB, means you bench day one (531) followed by military (5x10) than on day three you military (531) followed by bench (5x10) thats lots of bench twice a week…[/quote]

This is what I’ve done for the last couple of months and it seems to work well. That second bench day brings some volume into the mix and also allows me to work on form and explosiveness. More heavy work would just be overdoing it, unless your a freak of nature, in which case I envy you.

[quote]browndisaster wrote:
I just started with Smolov Jr. for bench, I’ll let you know how it goes. My max is 250 and I’m hoping to get 275 in a couple of months.[/quote]
Good luck with that!

I started running it about a year ago and got through 7 workouts and got chicken pox (as a 23 year old). I don’t know if I will ever do it again, it straight up kicks your ass, make sure to keep the shoulders in shape, Smolov will test them.

I did smolov jr for bench and it took from from missing 295 6 inches off my chest to 315 ( not paused but not bounced either) like americaninsweden saidm treat those shoulders well. row row row face pulls