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531 Beginner Program and Power Cleans

How can I add power cleans to the 3 day a week beginner program? Would I do the 5 X 5 fsl in addition to the main strength work?

You don’t - we have a number of beginner programs and none of them involve the PC. Instead we run, jump, lift and throw (and do calisthenics). I have found that building a base involving these things allows for a stronger, more fit, and balanced person.

Would the beginner program be run prior to starting a new sport?

On this note, I’m starting the no squat rack program (DL, PC, BB Row, Press all with 5s PRO and 5x5 FSL), and I’m a beginner. Any suggestions on how to alter the no squat rack program for beginners?

It doesn’t really matter if one is starting a new sport - if I took up BJJ would I do the beginner program? Strength is a general quality, not specific.

I’d have to see the program - I have probably 2000 different programs I’ve written so I’d need a link.



Day 1: DL/Press
Day 2: PC/ BB Row

I definitely would NOT recommend the No Rack workout for a beginner. Not a chance.

Jim, in all programming advise I see you giving now a days you recommended throws. What could someone do to substitute that if there’s no med balls available? Thanks

How often do we do this workout? Everyday? Every other day after one day of rest?

The program has the squat and bench twice a week, as well as 5 x 5 fsl work. Are both squat/bench sessions using the same percentages?