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531 Beach Body Challenge

I see this suggested here from time to time. I am wrapping up my last anchor or Pervertor and i am intrigued. My question is about the neck harness work. Would you consider this a mandatory part of the program? Iv never worked out my neck before and tbh not sure i want to buy a harness or anything. Is there any good substitute?

I would consider it mandatory.

Harnesses are cheap. Get one for sure.

A harness is cheap, and useful to have. Just start too light, and go for reps. It’s easy to push neck work too hard too soon, and tweak your neck. Here’s the harness I have:

However, you can certainly do calisthenics neck work. Do neck bridges and neck planks, and these will also get you where you want to be.

I think Jim has mentioned stacking plates on a towel in the past but it is a hassle

Didn’t Paul Carter have an article on here mentioning the use of resistance bands for neck work? If not then I claim the idea.

Found it.

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Bridges, you can bridge stomach or back down. You can roll your neck back and forth and side to side.

I got a lot of funny looks in the gym doing these, but nothing looks better than a thick neck and big traps!