531 BBB w/ FSL Help?

I want to run the 531 BBB w/ the FSL variation but I’m confused can guys help?

So if I’m reading it right you do 531 for your main lifts and than for your assistance work you do FSL 5x10, for example your first set of BP was 200lbs on the main lift so now for assistance you do 200lbs 5x10?

FSL = First Set Last

What routine are they talking about in here 5/3/1 for Size? - #9 by lukets72

Yes that is what you do, and yes it does say FSL BBB in the thread you linked

Is this template in his 531 Forever book because that is the one I just bought.

don’t know. don’t have forever

I guess it is in the forever book, read it. If it’s not in, then there’s a lot of other templates.
As far as I understand, everything is explained in the Forever book.

Until the book arrives is this the routine Jim as talking about?

Your Training Maxes will need to be 85% of your 1 rep max. Base all percentages off of your training max. Do not use your actual one rep max for calculating percentages.

LEADER (Cycles 1-2) (this will consist of two 3 week cycles)
Main work: 5s PRO (this signifies that you will do sets of 5 reps for all of the 5/3/1 main working sets. No PR set on the top set)
Supplemental work: FSL BBB (5 sets of 10 reps at the percentage of the first working set of the main work)
Assistance: 25-50 total reps per workout for push category, 25-50 total reps for pull, and 0-25 total reps for single leg/core work.

not to be rude- but it is spelled out in the thread…

I’m a little confused on the assistance work the 25-50 reps for Push, Pull and Leg/Core. Am I doing the Push, Pull and Leg/Core workout after every workout for example on Squat I do 5s Pro than my supplemental 5x10 FSL than for assistance I do something like Dips 5x10, Pull Ups 5x10 and Ab work 5x10?

I would just pick a number (say the 50 you picked) and get to that number however you want (for variety)
To save time you could do some inbetween main lift/supplemental, and giant set the rest

Thanks I really appreciate the advice. I’m thinking for volume I should start with the 25 reps like in the 531 BBB 3 month challenge.

Wait for the book to arrive, it’s extremely clear on what to do and it has a lot of options and variants for BBB.
In the meanwhile:
BBB = 5x10 on supplemental
FSL = First Set Last, that is, using the first working set % (65-70-75% depending on the week)
BBB@FSL = 5x10 using the first working set %

Assistance: yes every day you do push, pull and leg/core assistance, in the number of reps prescribed. You can split up the total reps in any way you see fit, you can pick whatever exercises you see fit within the limits of common sense, you can arrange/program them in any way you see fit within common sense.

So your full workout would be:
-Main lift 5’s Pro
-Main lift BBB@FSL
-25-50 reps push
-25-50 reps pull
-25-50 reps leg/core
(or whatever rep range the program prescribes for assistance)