531 BBB Using Bands?

Hey All!

Just started out 531 basic last month and I love it simply because it is fun and not a drag like SS/SL.

My question: Anyone tried doing BBB with bands? The mini ones nothing serious. Doing 3 instead of 5 sets of 10 and doing whatever max the “+” sets say nothing more as suggested by Jim here:

I know this is program modification but I had to ask. Bands are crazy good.

My top priority is mass.

I don’t suggest bands over the program as written. But, all you can do is experiment. Do a cycle like the program is designed to be done. Do a cycle with bands. You’ll have your answers.
But in all honesty I cannot see bands coming anywhere near it. I’ve done BBB cycles and the challenges multiple times. I’ve done them just as they are written. For mass it cannot be beat (at least in the 5/3/1 world).
If you’re heart is set on bodybuilding than I don’t suggest 5/3/1. Unless you are new to lifting. If that’s the case 531 BBB will do wonders for you. Once you’ve done about 6 months to a year building up your base. Then you can move to bodybuilding.
Believe me when I tell you. (most will agree). You should start with a base of strength before bodybuilding. Doing bench press at 3x10 with 135lbs is not the same as 3x10 with 225. Which do you think will get you jacked? Gotta be strong before you can do that. Bands will not get you there. When you’re jacked, yeah bands will help.

Hope this helps you.


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You can add bands/dick around for the first month if really want, but the rest of it no way.

The last month in particular is miserable and would be pretty much impossible as well as asking for injury with bands

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Thanks for the inputs. I don’t intend to do main lifts with bands but just BBB and drop the sets down to maybe 3 or 4. Won’t do the BBB challenge + bands! I’ll go with the flow. Bands have a very different stimuli. Everyone must try.

I am not new but i am barely past rookie. SQ: 115 for 3x5 max (lifetime PR last year) Bench 85kgs x 2. DL 125x1 OHP 55 kgs 3x5. I kept on coming on an off Stronglifts. SL workouts felt heavy and boring and never ending. 531 is a new spark! Workouts are short intense and fun. BBB is all “bro pump” Feels good, my joints are thanking me everyday. I am Indian male 38 yo lol. Was looking for a sustainable program.

5/3/1 programming is sustainable for a lifetime. BBB not so much. It is supposed to be used in seasons. I would suggest 5/3/1 5x5 @ FSL. You’re 38, you don’t need so much volume. Nor would your body appreciate it. 5/3/1 + FSL will be your friend. You can do that until your 80

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Thanks man. I am really liking BBB as of now. Let me try it for some time, I’ll switch over to FLS.
What is 5/3/1 5x5?

5/3/1 then 5 sets of 5 at your first working set (somebody correct me if I’m wrong)

Buy his book. Beyond 531

Buying the Forever soon.