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531 BBB- Strength Work Then Assistance Exercise 5x10

Hey guys! New to the site and new to 531. I know this question is similar to another post but since I am brand new to 531 I want to get it right. The BBB article on this site says to follow main-lift squat w/ 5x10 deads, main-lift bench w/ press, main lift deads w/ squat and main lift press w bench. In the book, it says to follow main squat w 5x10 squat and so on. So which way should I do it? Follow the original and do the same exercise for both main lift AND assitance?

Last year I started the stronglifts 5x5 and was making progress but had to stop due to health conditions. My health has improved so I started a modified sl 5x5. I am regaining strength but stumbled across the 531 and I think it sounds superior to sl. I want to continue to get stronger and put on another 10 lbs in doing so. BBB looks like it might be the best version for me. Does that sound right? Thanks for the help. Very excited to really make some gains!


Generally, Jim recommends keeping the supplemental lift the same as the main lift.
For example:
Squat 5/3/1
Squat 5x10

As far as the second question, it all depends on your situation. I feel that I can give some input on this because I’ve done it.

At the start of my lifting, I tried out a lot of those LP programs like Starting Strength, Stronglifts, Madcow, Greyskull LP, etc. They all work the same way. I feel that Starting Strength is really great for introducing new lifters to the barbell. After they do that for a little while, 5/3/1 is where it’s at. A lot of people label it as an advanced program, but that’s nonsense. Don’t let yourself get into thinking that other programs work better or faster. It works, and works well. There’s nothing magical about this program or any program. You just can’t be stupid about how you use it.

My advice (If you want to take it from someone that’s not Jim)

Learn from this forum. Spend some time looking around at the questions that have been asked. You’ll find a TON of information on here.

Learn from Jim. Really try to learn how he views training, how he views life. His principles have created an evolving program that is EXTREMELY well rounded. It’s focus is on athletic performance, and just kicking ass. You will be tempted to change what he suggests, but you shouldn’t do it. Open up your mind and trust the man. So many people, myself included, have done this and it never works out. Trust the principles of the program.

If BBB speaks to you, try it out as Jim suggests it for a few cycles or run the challenge once through. I wouldn’t recommend sticking to it forever.

Lift, Run, Stretch, Eat.


Personally I like doing squat 531/DL 5x10 and vice versa but press and bench the same lift for both 531 and 5x10.

Thank you. Did you start w BBB or another version?

Do you feel you have experienced an equal amount of progress between upper and lower body doing it this way?

I started with the full body template. Then I moved to the full body template in Beyond. That was my favorite one for a while.

I’m lifting Monday and Thursday now and still hitting PRs.

To be clear, those are not the only templates I’ve experimented with. You just asked what I started on with 5/3/1.

Are all templates in the original book or are the additional ones all on this site? Is there a list of them all?

Both the original book and Beyond 5/3/1 have a ton of options. Definitely buy those.

This forum has a lot on it, too. Like I said, you should just spend some time looking through all of it. Search for stuff you want to know about, and read the responses. Lots of helpful people on here.

Jim’s private forum is well worth the money. Super helpful, great supportive community, tons of content for members. Definitely consider that.

Buy the books, read this forum, consider Jim’s private forum, keep a training log.

Good luck!

@wheycool absolutely. I feel like everything is progressing well. My DL is probably the one moving slowest based on my plus sets but it’s my strongest lift so that doesn’t surprise me (I mean, it’s the one where I’m at the slow chipping stage).