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531 BBB + Delt and Bicep Hypertrophy

Hi guys

Most likely going to be transitioning to BBB on my next template, just wondering if anyone has noticed much in the way of hypertrophy in their delts and arms from it?
They are a real lagging body part for me so would like to give them some more focus, would it be a bad idea to add some bicep work in on the bench day and then some extra shoulder work in on the press day?
Some ideas would be appreciated and if you have personal experince with the template i would appreciate it.

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Depending on your height and weight, an inch on your arms or pursuing larger delts is probably going to require you to add significant weight all over your body. Want bigger arms, deadlift and squat bigger weights.

I doubt there’s any issues with doing 3-5 sets of 6-10 reps of curls at the end of your BBB workout. BBB is assistance, and you can accessorize how you see fit to bring up weak points like delts or biceps - but don’t do it for cosmetics, do them because they are weaker and you want to make them stronger to help you with your pressing and pulling. I can assure you there’s no better exercise than weighted chin-ups for arm strength and size.

Keep a band handy and do band face pulls or pull aparts between bench and press to keep your rear delts and shoulder girdle healthy. Add in some lateral raises 3-5x10-20 once or twice a week.

Another thing you could do is BBB template 2. The volume is the same, except you press 5x10 on bench day, and bench 5x10 on press day. With that template you’re hitting those movements twice a week, which should help to bring up your shoulders. You can do it in that fashion and simply add curls as an accessory.

Also, if you’re doing chin-ups twice a week for 5x10 - that should be enough for your biceps (in my opinion). If you can’t do 5 sets of 10 chin-ups, use the lat pulldown.


This was going to be my answer! Chins for high volume did the trick for my arms.

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Hey thanks for the reply man.
I’m only pretty short- 5ft 9inches and at about 200-205lb at the mo, abs barely visible though after bulking for some time.

I do have a few bands and use them for warming up but never thought of doing pull aparts between a sets of pressing etc thanks for that suggestion.

I don’t train for looks/cosmetics but I don’t want to look balanced which I don’t because of the lacking delts and arms so would like to be in better proportion :slight_smile:
Also my shoulders are a weak point pressing wise so extra mass/strength there wouldn’t hurt!
My biceps do lag behind my triceps too so think it may help with elbow health too to hit biceps some more?

Template 2 was the one I was thinking :slight_smile:
By chin ups are you referring to close grip supinated Chins or wide promated grip?

You want bigger arms, do something to make them grow. Yes, just getting bigger will mean your arms and everything else gets bigger but my own experience has been that arms need arm work. I started doing curls two cycles ago and my arms have definitely gotten bigger faster since then.

My preferred option is:

  • dips as a bench or press accessory, because they make everything involved bigger and they’re awesome. With press, bench and maybe one other pressing variation your triceps and delts should get plenty of stimulus to grow.
  • curls between squat sets and at one other time during the week - to save time I superset them with shrugs on DL day. That way you get curls in twice a week

Hey mark
Thanks for your input dude and I definitely agree with the idea that I will need to do some direct arm work, if all of me grows yes my arms will grow BUT I want my arms and delts to grow more so because they are lagging if that makes sense :slight_smile:

I like the idea of chucking in sets of curls between squats actually, would t expect it interrupts the squats at all and gets in that volume.

Anyone have any thoughts on hammer curls for thickening out the arms? Could do them on one day and supinated curls in another day.

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I vary my grip for every set. I typically start with the hardest variation, palms facing away from me and a tad wide. In the grand scheme of things, your grip doesn’t change which muscles get stimulated much, but if biceps are the target, having a neutral grip or palms facing you is best for biceps. Neutral grip chin-ups are like hammer curls.

I like Markko’s suggestion of curls between squat sets. Keeps the rest periods less boring.

OHP Day:

Main Press sets 5s PRO SS chins 5 x 10
BBB Press SS BB Fatgrip Curl 10-20
Side/Rear delt raises SS 3x10-20

some more chins, pullups, rows supersets on bench day and 100 reps of pushdowns and facepulls at the end of bench day.

That makes my delts and arms visibly hypertrophy and grow stronger…