531 BBB Critique

Long time reader, first time posting.

Currently running yet another wave of 531 and figured I would share my layout for everyone’s critique or copy. I’ve read OG 531 and Forever. Always aiming to be the strongest version of myself.

Mon: Press 531, Bench BBB, Dips, Pullups

Tue: Squat 531, Deadlift BBB, Walking Lunge, Abs

Thur: Bench 531, Press BBB, Rows

Fri: Deadlift 531, Squat BBB, Walking Lunge, Abs

*All accessory work done 5x10 (except for lunges, which are 1x25).

Since you have forever, any reason you are going against Jim’s recommendation to keep the main lift and supplemental lift the same? Like bench 5/3/1 and the BBB bench? I find that much better than the mix and match

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Personal preference. Same weekly volume, different fatigue accumulation.

Oh for sure; I just find it less effective.


Word my brother. I have to agree. Saves time as well

For what it’s worth, i agree whole heartedly with @davemccright and @T3hPwnisher here.


Tell you what. After next deload, I’ll cycle it back to main/BBB same lift and run that and report back. Biggest issue was always 9-15 reps @ main % then another 50 of the same at reduced % and then not touching that lift/movement again for seven days. That said, much stronger and proficient today then when I last ran it in that manner so perhaps some of those inefficiencies have worked themselves out and resorting back per your preference will trump my preference and offer new gains. I’m down for the experiment. Thanks for the commentary. Truly.

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To my mind, BBB is primarily a muscle building tool, not a movement pattern building one. The purpose is to dig deep into recovery on one day, then eat your way out with a fork. If i was looking to build a movement pattern, then i see a benefit in increased frequency.


Will target the following for a seven-week block. The power of peer persuasion:

Press 531/Press BBB/Dip/Pullup

Squat 531/Squat BBB/Lunge/Core

Bench 531/Bench BBB/Row

Dead 531/Dead BBB/Lunge/Core

Seems solid enough. I’d single some sort of push, some sort of pull and some sort of single leg/core assistance work on all 4 days myself. And, of course, conditioning, jumps and throws need to be there as well.

@dagill2 Nailed it. BBB is dig deep and recover, and because of that we drop frequency. ANNNNND, if you REALLY want frequent practice on the barbell lifts, make them your conditioning. Here’s a workout I do once a week that gets me practice on the squats and deads

You could do a basic barbell complex with squats, deads and pressing overhead. That would honestly be pretty killer: deadlift the bar for 5, power clean it, press it for 5, rack it behind the back and squat it for 5. Another one I’ve done is squat or deadlift for 15, then 15 chins, 15 dips, then repeat the cycle for 5 and then for 10. Get it done as fast as possible. Really, all sorts of options there.


Revised and ready to rock.

Press 531
Press BBB

Squat 531
Squat BBB
*Single Leg

Bench 531
Bench BBB

Deadlift 531
Deadlift BBB
*Single Leg

Awesome dude. I’ll once again say that I think single leg/core, upper body push and upper body pull assistance should be done on ALL training days to get your value out of this size gaining program, and there’s still no conditioning, jumps or throws so far, but you’ll grow no matter how you approach is as long as you have the main and supplemental work done.

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