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531 BBB 3 Month Challenge

I was thinking of taking a dremmell to them, that looks much better!

A dremmell with a stone bit would work but may be a little quick or too abrasive. I have a mate who uses an angle grinder for nearly every job. Thank god he doesn’t have calluses!!

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Legs this morning
Squats 90kg 6x4 then 95kg x 3 then 100kg x 2
Hack squat machine 80kg 2x8 with hip thrust machine after 40kg x8
Calf raises 200kg 3x10

Squatting felt much better but still got some rubbing on top of spine. Have to really concentrate on pulling shoulders together and lock bar with arms.

Chest this morning
Bench 65kg 6x4 67.5 kgx4 70kgx3 go 65 sets of 6 next
Fly machine 70kg 3x10
Incline db press 24kg 10. 26kgx8 28kg x6
Cable flys
Incline bench 40kg very slow 3x8

Finished a job early so had a day off work yesterday. Decided to have a “recuperation day” on the sofa, house and TV to myself! Ate loads and had fish and chips last night. Feel really good today, will go to gym in a bit, back and legs.

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Deadlift 140 2x5 142.5 x5 145 3x5 used straps and double overhand grip, felt really good as not having to reset grip between reps.
Pendly row 60kg 2x10 70kg 3x8
Rdl 70kg 3x10
Pull downs 65kg 3x8
Seated leg curls 40kg 3x8
Face pulls 17.5kg 3x10
Preacer curls 20kg 3x10
Shrugs Db, 32kg x10 38 kg x10

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Shoulders today
Ohp 50kg 6x4 found really hard 50kg 5x5 next
Db Lateral raises 10kg 2x10
Db seated press 20kg 3x8
Rear delt flys
Cable upright rows
Cg bench 50kg 2x10
Rope cable pushdown 2x10

Back this morning
Pull ups 6,3,3,2 did 65kg pull downs x5 after each set.
Tbar row 25kg slow negative
Face pulls 3x12 20kg
Db row 26kg 2x10
Seated cable row 65kg 3x10
Preacher curls 15kg 3x12
Rope hammer curls 20kg 2x10

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Legs today
Squat 95kg 5x5 100kg 3x3
Calf raised 290kg 3x10
Hip thrust 70kg 2x10
Face pulls
Loads of reps on seated leg press machine.

Squats OK, still getting pressure on top of spine, think I’m getting used to it, didn’t really hurt today.

Chest today
BP 65kg 4x6 70kg x3 72.5x3 75x3 77.tx2
Machine fly 3x10
incline Db press 26 2x8 28 x6
Cable press/fly 3x10
Incline BP 40kd 3x10
Tri push downs 3x10

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Back today
Pendley row 70kg 2x8 75kgx8 80kg x6
Db shrugs 36kg 2x10
face pulls 20kg 2x10
Preacer curls 20kg 2x10
Short on time today.

Legs today
Deadlift 130x10 140x5 145 2x5 150x5 155x5 160x5.really pleased today felt really strong was going to go for 165x5 but decided to leave it for another day
Calf raises 200kg 3x10
Leg curl 50kg 3x8
Rdl 70kgx10 90kg x10

Shoulder this morning
Ohp 50kg 5x5, really hard go for 4x6 @ 50kg next
Db Lateral raises 10kg 2x8
Db seated press 20kg 2x8
Face pulls 3x10
Upright row 3x10
Cg bench 40kg x10 50kg 2x8
Triceps pushdown 3x10
Db press was a real struggle after ohp.

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Back this morning
Pull ups 7,4,3,2 with 65kg pull downsx5 after each set.
Rear delt fly machine 40kg 2x15
Face pulls 20kg 3x10
Cable row 65kg 2x10
Tbar row 30kg 2x10
Db hammer curls 14kg 16kg 18kg set of 8 each
Preacher curls 20kg 4x7

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Legs today
Squat 60x8 80x5 90x5 100x5 110x5
Deadlift 140x5 150x5 160x5 165x5
Calf raises 200kg x8 240kg 2x8
Leg press 120x20 160x10 180x5 200 2x5
Had a bit longer in gym this morning felt great today. Think I’m going to keep training squat and deadlift on the same day, alternating which goes first.

Chest this morning
BP 60x5, 70kg 5x5, 75kg x2, 80kg x2
Machine fly 75kg 3x10
Db Incline 26x8 28x6 30x5
Cable fly 20kg 3x10
Dips 4x5.

Pleased today, as shoulder not hurting after squatting thought I’d try some dips, no pain and 4 sets of 5!

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Back today
Pull ups 4x4 60 sec rest between sets will reduce rest by 10 secs each time , maybe in 6 sessions I’ll get 16 straight?
Pendley rows 80kg 8x6, 6,8 8x3
Face pulls
Hammer grip pull downs 65kg 3x8
Tbar row 30kg 2x10
Bar behind shrugs 60kg 2x8
Some biceps stuff.

Didn’t train over weekend as I was feeling very low energy and had hurt my arm lifting a bay window at work on Friday. Shoulders this morni g but was not feeling it at all
Ohp 50kg 2x6 was going to go for 4 sets but form was terrible so stopped.
Lateral raises
Face pulls
upright row
Cg bench
triceps push downs.

I think I’m going to have a deload week, as I’ve been pushing weight up for 6 weeks now.
Like shoulders will keep the weight up but halve volume on the rest of days first exercise and not push hard on any of the assistance stuff.

Ate terribly over the week end and was 206 lbs this morning! Not too worried as I realised I was no where nr target of 196 by the 3rd of April. I’m pretty sure I’ve not put on much fat as I feel stronger and bigger. Still going to post photo on 3rd.

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Back this morning
Pull ups 4x4 50 secs rest between sets
Pendley rows 60kg 3x8
Single arm high rows 3x8
Wide grip seated ros 3x8
Behind back barbell shrugs then Db shrugs
Face pulls 3x8
Hammer curls
Dips 10, 15, 8
Preacher curls.

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Feel much better today, dips felt great used the narrower grip, tried to stay more upright.