531 Assistance Workhp Help

Hi All,

I’ve been using the Simplest Strength Template for my assistance lifts for some time now, but I just got my hands on the BEYOND 5/3/1 book and came across the 5’s Progression.
The book explains that Jim changed from SST to the 5’s Progression out of a need to lower the amount of reps after his accident.

I was wondering, should someone like me who has no problem with high reps switch to the 5’s Progression?
The first week of SST (3x10) straight up destroys me regardless of injury, and I’d definitely welcome a change to 3x5.
I’m just asking because there should be some value in high rep sets… right? Jim seems to have stopped out of necessity, not choice.

Do what you like. You will reap the rewards as long as you follow the program, stick to the principal and eat to support it.