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531 and Training for 100 Mile Bike Ride

Hi All

I am looking for a little advice on how to incorporate 531 into my regime while training for an Alzheimer’s Charity 100 Mile bike ride. I expect to do a 2-3 hour Steady State Ride on a weekend and 2-3 Turbo Trainer Sessions during the week.

I have the original book and beyond but I am struggling to to come up with the best way to fit 531 into what I am doing - thats why Im not a coach.

I would be grateful for any recommendations of which template to follow for the next 9 months that would help my overall goal.

Quite amazed that GB Olympic Track Team have used 531 Templates in the past.



If your goal is bike riding then focus on that, cut weights to two days a week if you need.

I’ve done a 155 mile ride.

You don’t need to cover anywhere near those kinds of distances in your training, especially if this is just a charity event.

I did daily rides to work (10mile?) and on a Saturday did a brisk 20-30 miles. This was more than enough to keep a comfortable pace for the entire 155 miles.

I did a follow up ride 10 months later, I dropped the Saturday ride and it was still good.

I didn’t find it too taxing to keep both going. You may want look at a 9/10 day “week” and it should be fine - unless you are looking to “win” this thing?

I did a half marathon earlier this month. I used a 2 days a week template, similar to the Limited Time in the Forever book. I found doing deadlifts in sets of 2 (ex: 5 sets of 2 up to your heaviest set of the day) was needed for recovery. Also, I didn’t do any “+” sets for squats and kept the TM lower. I still pushed the upper body lifts. For assistance, I did 0-2 days each week depending on my running volume that specific week.