531 and Olympic Weightlifting

Been a long time since I’ve been here but I recall some people asking about how to use 531 for weightlifting. Figured I’d share a template that led to PR’s in both the O Lifts and the strength lifts.

Basically followed the regular 531 template but used Squat, Floor Press, Snatch Grip Press Behind Neck and Snatch Pull. All of these movements were done following the basic 531 approach. I started with weights I could hit 10 reps with for 5’s 6 reps for 3’s and 3 reps for 1’s. Did 3 cycles of the 4 day program but averaged 3 days per week and just did it by day.

Template I followed looked like this. Used Prilipens chart for total reps in the O Lifts.

Day 1
Snatch (5’s week triples up to 80% 3’s week doubles up to 90% 531 week singles up to 95%)
Squat 531
Assistance was light shoulder work for 50 reps

Day 2
Clean and Jerk (5’s week did combos power clean+hang power clean+hang clean+Power Jerk ×3 up to 80%. 3’s week power clean + hang clean + power jerk + split jerk up to 90%. 531 week work up to 95% clean and split jerk)
Floor Press 531
Dead stop rows 50 reps

Day 3
Snatch (same as Day 1)
Snatch Pull 531
Snatch Hugh Pull from hang 50 reps

Day 4
Clean and Jerk (same ad day 2)
Snatch Grip Press Behind Neck 531
Barbell Curl and Triceps plate raises 50-100 reps

Didn’t de load, untIl end of 3rd cycle. Took a week off and pleasantly surprised to hit a number of PR’ most notably for me 15 lbs on snatch 190 to 205 lbs. Clean 250 lbs to 265 power clean 235 to 255, Clean and Jerk 230 to 245 and Squat (high bar) 325 to 345. Those were the only movements I bothered to test. I train alone so I stopped at 345 in the squat but there was plenty left in the tank but didn’t want to orphan my kids…no power rack just stands.

I’m sure this is probably nothing new just figured I’d share what worked for me. It was a lot of fun and I hit a buttload of rep PR’s along the way. Also gained 7 lbs.

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What class do you lift in?

I’ll be an M35 105 when I finally hit the platform. Pretty new to the sport only about 2.5 years. Last year was just maintenance due to cancer, surgery and 6 months of preventative chemo. Gaining strength like crazy right now as I’m a year out from all of that.

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Ok, you provided all I was looking for… we are the same class!! I’ll be 37 next year.

So, as a relatively newer lifter, you should be able to make that kind of progress on any system. If you are motivated.

What I would do, if you care… is only use the 5/3/1 systems on your strength (squat emphasis) days. Essentially twice a week. You can do whatever you want on the classical lifts that you feel are improving your lifting.

I fell into the trap of being far to concerned with the manipulation of the classic lifts by scheme and intensity. I have had recent success really putting the focus on squatting and leg strength… and sticking to a much simpler routine for snatch & CJ. Check my log.

PS - glad you beat cancer bro.

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Thanks man. I’ve discovered the same thing re: leg strength. I’m doing a 4 week block now with heavy back squat, front squat, snatch pull and clean pull doubles for lots of sets 2 days per week (1 squat and 1 pull each day) with progressively heavier classic lifts (snatch and clean and jerk same session with some powers and hangs at least 1 day) the other 3 days. When I’m done I’ll de load and test new maxes. Going to go back to another 8 week block of 531 after.

Using 531 for the snatch pull and Snatch Grip Press Behind Neck did wonders for my first and second pull in the snatch and my overhead stability. The floor press also really seems to help my jerk. Going after rep records is a nice change to the heavy doubles and triples. Using 531 and starting light for my volume blocks and then doing short blocks of higher intensity in between keeps things fun and fresh.

It’s interesting to see how you adopted Oly lifts into 5/3/1. I contemplated trying something similar cause I was trying to gain weight and didn’t want to give up Oly Lifts.

If you have the mobility, I’d highly recommend a block with deficit cleans/snatches/pulls. Just started incorporating these into my training and it’s stupid how quick my lifts are evolving.