531 and Injury (Adductors/Groin Pain)

I’ve been doing 531 for more or less 2 years. 2-3 weeks ago I’ve started feeling a burn inside my legs after squat (adductors) and the pain went all the way up to the groin (probably a groin pull). The burn came back anytime I was squatting, doing leg exercices or when I was seated for a long period of time. I’ve stopped doing lower body exercises for a week and half.

I was feeling better at the beginning of this week, didn’t feel the pain anymore, so Tuesday I did some stretching and bodyweight lunges, but the burn came back. I doesn’t affect my legs range of motion, it’s just a burn feeling that come and go.

I’m clueless about what I should do. Should I stay away squat and lower body exercises for a few weeks? How should I recover from this (stretching, exercises, recovery, etc.)? How do I adapt 531 to that specific situation?

Thanks for the feedback!