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531 Accessories - Upper/Lower

I tread searching the forum but haven’t seen my question answered, apologies if this is not the right place to ask!

I’m going to start running The Original 5/3/1.

On assistance I know Jim recommends 50-100 reps push, pull, leg/core each workout.

However, I was thinking of doing assistance as more of an Upper Lower split.

So push and pull assistance on Bench and Press days.

Leg and core assistance in Squat and Deadlift days.

Has anyone here programmed it this way? Any pros? Cons?

I know Jim says it’s just assistance and it doesn’t matter too much, but I’m curious!

Yes, the original book (531 2nd edition) was like this. Assistance followed the trend of the main movement. If you search “531 and Bodybuilding” I think that is a shining example.

I have always done it like that because i do conditioning and HIT cardio and if i also do leg stuff on bench and press days i dont have any rest for my legs.

I’m with you there - I play sports 2/3 times a week so doing the suggestion outlined in 531 forever of push pull and leg/core each workout may not lead to enough recovery time.

I think I’ll stick to the suggestion in 531 second edition which seems to split all accessories by upper lower

Yes you’re quite right, I want and checked the books after your comment.

531 second edition has it split by upper lower whereas 531 forever suggest doing push pull legs/core each workout.

I wonder why Jim changed his recommendations? To me the suggestion in 531 forever essentially leads to full body workouts 4 times a week which may be a bit much

If you do lots of other stuff also, you can also cut some accessories.
On bench and press i just do back work and 1 exercise for push - like incline or dips or smth.
On leg days i do abs, and 1 exercise for the opposite side. So - squats, abs, good mornings… deadlift day - abs, box squats. Mostly 3x10.

There’s a remark in Forever under BBB that three training days are probably better. Maybe that remark applies to you.

But if you treat single-leg/core as core only on upper-body days and choose exercises like face pulls and band tricep pushdowns on lower body days (this is also where you’d do single-leg work) then your staying somewhat removed from “full-body 4x weekly” at least.

If you squat down to pick up an apple and reach up to put it on the top shelf, you just did full body, and must now take 48 hours rest.

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I don’t think it is so much as changing his recommendations as it is just updating the “best practices” for using the methodology. The newer recs are to maintain training balance as all assistance should. Doing it either way is probably fine, but one way may be a bit better suited to ones particular goals, schedule, body, etc. Keep in mind that there are also a tonne of movements that could be classified as assistance work, and you could probably still easily target your assistance to the main movement still following the “push, pull, core/single leg” recommendations. This includes bodyweight movements which are not as taxing.

If you are already doing some taxing physical activity (aka. sports) 3 times per week fitting in 4 days of lifting it going to be a bit much for most people. Take into account you could traing 3 days a week, repeating a main lift every 9 days, or train twice a week repeating a main lift every 14 days.

Don’t feel like you have to follow the “training week” formula most people do. I follow a program that has a 9 day microcycle or “week” and I don’t think I will every go back to trying to sqeeuze all my training into a 7 day window.

I agree with this 100%

Squeezing 4 lifting sessions into a week doesn’t leave me with much time to do any conditioning or train in other ways.

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Read the book. Triumvirate and BBB(the best original options to start with) are basically upper/lower