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531 3 Day Question


Hi guys, I’ve just finished reading 531 first addition and want to try the 3 day a week template, on week four Jim says deadlift, bench and squat should done at 531 reps for each, I’m just unsure what percentages they should follow. I’m sure there’s an obvious answer to this but I just cant seem to get my head around it

week 1
3x5 65%
3x5 75%
3x5 85%

week 2
3x5 70%
3x3 80%
3x3 90%

week 3
3x3 75%
3x3 85%
531 95%

week 4
531 %?

week 5 deload

Thanks in advance


It follows an A/B/C, D/A/B, C/D/A style of programming. This is all in the book and there is a HUGE page that shows this, day by day, in an example. I can’t make it any more clear than that. Check out the book.


Thanks Jim I’ll get on it