531 2 Days and Supplemental Work


I train BJJ x 3 days (amateur) / week, 2 days 531, 1 day cardio. I am 36 years old.

I use app called Five3One which suggested this template for me:


  1. Deadlift - Warm up / Main 531 / FSL 3 sets x 8 reps
  2. OHP- Warm up / Main 531 / FSL 3 sets x 8 reps


  1. Bench - Warm up / Main 531 / FSL 3 sets x 8 reps
  2. Squat - Warm up / Main 531 / FSL 3 sets x 8 reps

Sometimes I do accessory, sometimes not - depends of time I have.

My question is → this supplemental work should be FSL, or maybe BBB or another variant? How many sets/reps should be done to be alligned with Jim’s philosophy?


That won’t be a Jim Wendler endorsed app, pick up a copy of one of the books for two day options and advice on supplemental work, with the exception of Forever they are relatively cheap as e-books. Failing that, his website has useful articles for those practicing other sports.

In direct answer to your question though, I wouldn’t fancy BBB on top of your main work for two exercises in the same session.


The apps and countless online 531 calculators just use Jim Wendler’s programs and do the math for you. You should also have a 531 book, sure, but the apps/spreadsheets are great for quick and easy calculations based on entering your TM.

Any and all would be possible and aligned with 531 philosophies. The beauty of 531 is that you can choose your 531 needs based on your goals and other activities. The one you list is pretty minimalistic, but will keep the strength if you want to prioritize other activities like BJJ and running. You should have no trouble recovering from that template.

BBB would just be more volume at the FSL weight: 5x10 reps rather than 3x8. So approximately double the supplemental work. This would not be advised if combining two lifts on the same day.

Another variant I like is 5x531 (get up to the heaviest weight and do 5 sets of 5). For this approach, lower the TM to 85%. Allows for more focused strength work at heavier weights and I can get in two lifts in a training session with this template. I get in plenty of calisthenics/higher volume work during week in Crossfit to flush out my training, so I use 531 to stay strong on the big compound lifts.

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Jim recommends either the Triumvirate or Krypteia with squat or trap bar deadlift and bench for two days a week for the bjj Athlete. I also do bjj 2-3 times a week and I’m currently doing the Triumvirate. Always adjust the training around your lifestyle and ensuring you can always recover.

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I appreciate that, it was more in reference to help someone “get” 531. I am only going in to the last week of my second cycle, if I had just downloaded an app and followed it blindly, there is a good chance I’ll be hopping on to my next program by now.

Having read the books, I have bought in to it. Not saying the OP would have the same mindset, maybe it would just be my training ADD kicking in, but case in point is the questions asked.

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