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531 1st Ed 2 Day/Week?



I’ve recently had to go back to a 2 day/week (+ a conditioning day) programme for family reasons.

I previously did the template from the 1st Edition, which with some of the newer stuff I was doing as per your more recent recommendations would look like:

Deadlift 351 + Squat FSL x 5
OHP 351 + FSL x 5
Chins 5 x 10

Squat 351 + Deadlift FSL x 5
Bench Press 351 + FSL x 5
Chins 5 x 10
GHR 3 x 10

I’d do the 5 forward/3 back progression, and would probably do FSL for the 1st 2 cycles, BBB for 3rd/4th cycles, then SSL for the 5th as previously recommended to me on the forum.

Does this look like a reasonable programme? Something very similar (but with 531 and only BBB) worked pretty well before. I swap the Squat and Deadlift supplemental stuff as I always feel more supple and fresh when I do this (as per the suggestion in the BBB section in the 2nd Edition).

Looking through Beyond, I see there is a newer 2 day programme.

I would really value people’s opinions on whether I can go back to this updated version of my old 2 Day split or I would be better to just do the newer version in Beyond?

Many thanks in advance!


Looks good to me. You’re getting all your main lifts in, which is the most important piece. Keeping the assistance simple.
I like how you’re hitting all lifts 2 x a week.

Best of luck


should work fine. I would swap the chins with dumbell rows and/or face pulls once in awhile.

also some good ideas here…


Dear Both,

Thanks very much for your time and advice. I’ll crack on with this and see how I get on.