53 and New to T Nation. What Workout?

Good day,
I just joined today and looking for how I should be working out. I’m 5’7" and pretty healthy. I only started lifting last year and so far I have seen gains and added lean tissue and improved strength, but I do not follow and kind of regimented plan and just do whatever I feel like that day. I workout in my garage or at the gym provided by my employer. Looking forward to to gains that I have never had before.

I think the best lifting program is the one you do. Spend some time searching this site to find something that you believe in, that you can fit into your life and that you can do with the equipment available to you.

For a canned recommendation based on the limited info you’ve given me, I’d recommend a 5/3/1 program with a low training max.


This below is good to get in the swing of things, then yeah afterwards as above look into 531…

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3 days a week total body then. Off days Cardio/HIIT work plus abs. I already put in 5-6 days a week for working out, At work I have about 60 minutes to get in a good workout. At home on my weekends I’ve all the time I want. Just want to take it more serious now that I have some gains and hit PR’s this past week I was not expecting. They’re nothing crazy high, only 185 on bench, 125 on over head press, 300 on Squat and Deadlift. I took my monthly measurements and discovered I gained in my chest, arms, seat and legs and added 5 pounds over 30 days which I was also not expecting. Kinda happy with myself being that I only started lifting last summer for the 1st time in my life.

Focus on Compound movements is what I gather from the article. Will give it a shot starting tomorrow night.

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Yep compound moves for for the win.

Ok good to hear let us know how it goes

It went well. I chose the following and had time remaining to throw in some 20/10 sprints on the rowing machine.

BB Military press
BB Flat Beach
BB Bent over row
EZ-Bar curls

5 minutes of 20/10 sprints on Rowing machine

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Better to do cardio before resistance provided it’s limited time. Farmers walk are another great compound exercise.

Doing 15/20/25 min rowing sessions on off days will get you fit too.

As someone who’s middle aged and new to lifting, I’d recommend the book ‘the barbell prescription’. It’s for those training after 40 and I’ve got it as an ebook.

It’s got a load of programmes but more importantly principles.

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That’s a hell of a workout session. :clap::clap::clap:

Seemed like I’ve work a lot harder…we’ll see how it goes. It’s only the 1st week. the 3x8 day seems harder than the 3x5 day even with less load. I have the 2x15 day Thursday which I am looking forward to.