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525lb Deadlifts for 3 @ 183lbs (Video)


Just hit this today and I feel pretty high right now (it's been about a year since I touched this weight).

bw: 183 @ 5'8.

Onto 600!!!!

if you hate rebecca black, too bad bitches cuz it's gonna be friday


Good lifts, but why are you bleeding?


You are strong. You are also ramping the weight and using straps. Why?


@ teddy: Thanks man. I bursted a blood vessel or pimple or something like that. if you have seen justin harris in his dc training video, the exact same thing happened to him when he pulled 600+ for reps.

@burt: I appreciate it. I use straps because I don’t want to miss a rep due to my weak grip. Chalk was banned at my former university gym I went to so my grip greatly suffered. I’m currently working on it again since chalk isn’t banned at this gym I currently lift at. But for top sets, I don’t want to risk missing a rep because of my weak grip (the most I’ve gripped was 525 for a single a year ago when I would sneak chalk inside the gym but they caught me on several occasions so I had to resort to buying straps). My grip today is pretty horrible compared to last year.

I’m not sure what you mean by ramping the weight. If you’re talking about my form, there’s no way in hell I can nail the perfect technique at my max effort pulls.


Fair enough on the straps. You are supporting the bar on your thighs to lock it out. That’s allowed in a strongman competition, but not in powerlifting. If you are a powerlifter, I’d get rid of that habit and work on your lockout w/o supporting the bar on your thighs.


Thanks for the suggestion, Burt. Any tips on working on the lockout? All I have in mine are rack pulls.


I like reverse band pulls and rack lockouts both.


Good pulls for a skinny guy, but lose the straps and the terrible music! Kidding, that’s a good pull for anyone really. Not kidding about the straps and music.

And LWI, (lockout, work it)


Your straps make me sad.



Thanks Burt, I’ll give reverse band pulls a go sometime. How often do you pull? I’m only pulling once every 2 weeks with Romanian deadlifts on the alternating weeks. I’ll point out that I’m doing deadlifts after chest, delts, tris, and pullups. I do my deadlifts last (following a dc training template).

Thanks Major. OK, I’ll take off Opeth next time. Too bad I gotta get down on Friday…

They make me happy, Luke…ok yes I am sad of my grip :(. I’ll work on it asap when I switch to a powerlifting routine.


What kind of training do you feel has helped you the most in getting up to that kind of weight?


tmay11, Madcow 5x5 and 3x3 (you can google “madcow 5x5,” it’s listed under “advanced”) has helped me out the most. It’s a free template and requires minimum gym equipment. It allowed me to get to 505lbs 3x3. Squatting with a medium stance olympic style helped boost my deadlift tremendously…which Madcow has you squatting 3x a week.

After that, DC Training has brought me to where I am today and that’s fine with me because I like keeping my gym sessions 3x or less a week as well as deadlifting ever other week.


That is a serious pull for anyone, let alone @ 183lbs. I have done DC in the past and have noticed serious gains in the back and legs. I am going to check out the Madcow 5x5 and 3x3.

Just out of curiosity, what do you squat? My squat and deadlift are not good compared to my upper body presses and I am really looking to fix that. I am currently doing 5/3/1.


I appreciate it Fandango. For the squat, the best single I’ve done is 415. Best triple is 405. Personally felt my 395 for 4 session was the best, could have gone another. I just upped a video of my triple here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQUV2Qe6nrQ&feature=channel_video_title

Madcow in my opinion is excellent for lower body strength. My old training partner was the same way as you (good bench press but weak deadlift and squat). He eventually surpassed me and squatted 405 with good depth 3x3 last year. His deadlift went up to about 475 for 3 as well.


Great squat.


Haha, love the start of your squat vid man, “…gonna start off with some leg extensions for a good pump.” Great stuff!


Very Impressive man, I loved the squats!