525 Deadlift at 165, 19 Y/O, Natty (Vid)

Hey guys, title is pretty self-explanatory. I’m actually not a powerlifter by any means and have always been into training for aesthetics but I have been told this is a pretty damn high lift for my weight class and that I should potentially look into powerlifting. The competing powerlifters watching me said I would’ve gotten three whites but not sure, let me know what you guys think!

Big lift, seriously.

But imagine how much you’d lift if you actually held your air properly and utilized the valsalva maneuver instead of hilariously guffawing all of your air out at once?


An awesome start. Now with some technique work your probably capable of 575 in a few months.

Natty? I was expecting something more like this:


For real, you need to learn how to brace properly. Yelling during a max attempt is not a good idea. I’m sure you could see some huge gains just by fixing your technique.

Hey guys, thanks for all the helpful words. I’ve now heard from a couple people that I would have been way more stable bracing properly and having enough pressure with all my air to perform the lift more steadily. I guess for me it was all about me being against the odds not thinking I could pull that and I just had to get myself into a ridiculous mental state to think “I can actually lift this” and I yelled, if it makes sense, but I definitely won’t in the future.

lol your yelling BEFORE the lift wasn’t an issue. Just during. Get that energy, confidence, etc, and then shut the fuck up and pull.

That’s a really good number for your size and weight, almost elite. You could probably hit an elite deadlift with proper bracing. The chart I looked up has ‘elite’ at 537 for your weight class. So you’re right there.

It’s not the mental state that is the problem, it’s neglecting proper technique (bracing and holding your breath in this case). You want to be in a “controlled rage” for max attempts.

We have a guy in my gym at 165 that pulled 545 natty at his last meet. He has very good technique and has missed 585 a few times just shy of lockout. I agree with the others. Get your technique down and watch that lift go up even more.

I believe my friend told me the same thing about the mid 530’s being “elite” in my weight class. Definitely a goal I can work toward with time put into my technique. Thanks for the honesty!!

I just started watching some powerlifters and yeah the “controlled rage” makes total sense. I’ll work on it!