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52 y/o Female Beginner Gaining Lots of Muscle Really Fast, but


I am 52 and have been lifting with a trainer for 4 weeks and I have lots of visible and palpable muscle development especially in my thighs-not complaining but I have a question. My trainer is shocked-says I’m a Meso but everything I have read says the type of muscle gain I am getting isn’t possible. I am taking creatine, BCCA’s, and L-glutamine in addition egg and whey protein. The weights my trainer insists I use seem too light to me. I never get sore and I can always do more reps than the 15-20 she has me doing. The first time I got on the leg press machine I could lift the whole thing (410 pounds) for 6 reps. She only has me doing half that. I got a trainer because I didn’t know anything about the gym but now that I’ve read more I want to pick up the pace. Not interested in just toning I want to develop muscle and maybe compete one day. I am almost confident enough to try to wing it without a trainer but I am concerned about possibly injuring myself and I have to consider that I am getting great results with her. Its so expensive though. My trainer is a 59 year old woman with a beautiful shape but I don’t think she has trained someone like me who is interested in being trained more like a man with lower reps and higher weights. Should I stick with her or nah???


I’m a 36 year-old man, so take my advice with that in mind, but I say do what you want to do. Go after it, push yourself and don’t look back. Try to connect with people who lift like you want to lift, if possible. You might be surprised how many meathead men would be happy to help you reach your goals.

There’s nothing wrong with being strong!


If you want to compete, ksnap is the log to visit. She started a bit later with competing.

I would say since you are over a certain age, you can’t be too safe, so a good trainer never hurts. Sounds like you are questioning your current trainer, sometimes you have to go with your gut and what you want to do.

But damn, sounds like you can just get muscles by thinking about them. Trying not to be jealous, :wink:


Thanks for the encouragement. OMG everyone around me is so negative about women bodybuilders. It is so wonderful to get positive feedback. Thanks again!


Thanks! I am a little unsure about my trainer-although I personally like her and I am getting results. My profile pic is a week old and I swear I’ve gotten more growth since. You mentioned ksnap. I googled it and couldn’t find it. How do I get to it?


This is Ksnap :slight_smile: https://forums.t-nation.com/users/kpsnap/activity


Yep, that’s why it’s great to stick around here, especially for us wimenz. It does change your perception. Not many people in my life are even into lifting. Just tune them out, and sometimes even best to not talk to them about it, until you can get set in your own ways.

And if you can gain muscle pretty quickly, I might hazard a guess to say that you are getting results in spite of your trainer’s ability. At this stage, since you are at the beginning, just put as much gusto into your training, which sounds like you are. I don’t want to knock your trainer without knowing the details, but there are so many of them out there, I’m sure you can find the perfect fit.

Sorry should’ve been clearer on who Ksnap is.


More details please

In Bodybuilding ? Based on your latter post…

The big question are the results your seeing because of the trainer or your own natural potential being awoken . Also the big question is she knowledgeable in actually teaching you proper lifting with free weights and not machines. Which will go along way in preventing you from getting injured.

Depends on how she has you programmed… whats here experience level. Does she just deal with your average fitness crowd? What type of Facility are you currently using?


How wonderful that you’ve discovered lifting and are so enjoying it!

My thought on trainers is that you present them with a goal and their job is to help you achieve it. If you’re thinking you want to go the competitive bodybuilding route, you need to find a trainer or mentor who understands that sport. And that is certainly not the average gym trainer.

My only thought on why your trainer may be holding you back on the weights is to ease you into lifting and allow your support structure (tendons, ligaments) time to keep pace with what you are describing as pretty fast and impressive muscle development. In other words, she may trying to help you avoid a fast and furious path to injury.

Best of luck to you.


That is exactly what she told me. I selected her because she is a 59 year old trainer and maybe she does have insight into lifting at my age that I shouldn’t discount. She has never competed though she says she is considering figure competition. Also I am 5’10" tall-don’t know if that makes a diff (as far a injury risk) but my trainer is barely 5 feet. lol. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply.


My 2 cents worth and just take it as that. Most trainers I see are zealots of a particular system and follow that system rigidly. Most garden variety female lifters aren’t after big muscles, quite the opposite, and trainers are continually emphasizing “this will tone you up” I’ve yet to meet/see a trainer of women who saying, “this lift will put the mass on your ass!” I would advise you start off with the basic big lifts gradually adding more lifts as you learn more, on your own. As I said, my 2 cents worth.


Thanks. I like your two cents worth! And yes, I am the only woman in the gym going for it. The sad thing is I have met several women in the gym with their trainers and they are like “OMG no, why would you want bigger muscles.” They are all significantly overweight and what they don’t realize is that they will not lose the 50 -100 pounds they need to lose doing their little exercises 45 minutes 3 days a week without dieting! And their trainers know it. You can’t tone up fat! Anyway, Thanks for the input.


don’t worry about anyone else or what they think about you. do what you need to reach whatever goals you have and enjoy the process! And if you get tied f adding muscle; throw some my way I could use a boost!

Bunch of folks in here are very knowledge savvy( I’m not one of them) and are open to helping.

best of luck


Ask your trainer what female bodybuilders she has trained. They don’t have to be competitive bodybuilders but at nearly 60 she should have trained some. Get their names and see if she still trains any of them. Contact a few of them and see if they liked her training for bodybuilding.

If the answer is she never has trained any then you are likely better served finding someone who works with bodybuilders.


If you can afford it then by all means stick with it otherwise it’s ok to train yourself, if you know how. I am a self taught woman and l like to make sure I lift with good form on all my main compound lifts, I also created my own home gym. I lift 4 to 5 days a week,mostly for strength and continue transformating my body to my desired goal. I’m in my 50s and yet still goin strong in the weight room. There’s a lot of info online for good lifting programs you can pick up. I’ve always love to follow christain thibaudea’s programs, his smart at build muscles, fat loss, and so on, do some good online research, you’ll find your answers. Good luck and happy lifting.