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52 Influential Photographs


Good stuff here. Discuss.

Awesome pics!!! Thanks for sharing them!!

I grew up in Oklahoma City, and was in high school at the time of the 1995 Federal Building Bombing, and the high school I attended was the closest school to downtown (8 miles away) and it shook our school and the windows rattled, it was that powerful.

I remember that picture, that was one they showed all the time. Very touching.

I guess that the Fireman committed suicide sometime after that event because he could not cope with what he witnessed there that day.

So I heard.

Reminded me of something I stumbled on(best time waster ever btw) that is very similar:


Many repeat photos, but some unique, and some are different photos from the same events.

I think there’s a bunch of these that are all based on LIFE Magazine’s ‘100 Photos that Changed the World.’ http://www.digitaljournalist.org/issue0309/lm_index.html

Clicking on any of the 100 will give a description.

Amazing, thanks for that.

The Chinese man standing in front of the tank is very inspiring to me. That’s courage. Sometimes i wish i believed in something that much

Should not have clicked on the Goatse…Should not have clicked on the Goatse…Should not have clicked on the Goatse
I dont even know how to react to that…the fact that he’s got a wedding ring on says something though…I wonder if it was the wife taking the picture

Great site. Sometimes you forget exactly how much power a single picture can have.

A lot of credit should go to the photographers as well, they are the ones who caught the moment in history, so if wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be talking about it.