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52'' Box Jump at 325 Pounds


Travis Ortmayer just posted this over on Marunde, dude is explosive as hell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VfN0WOWvno


thats pretty bonkers!




fucking awesome!

he should practice jumping on cars. imagine the destruction lol.




pretty good considering his weight..shot putters around this weight can get around 60" from a standing position..




yeah the elite shotputters ..the SLJ Wr is held by a shotputter 3.70m a lot of the other shotputters are around 3.5m-3.6m so they can jump..
werner gunthor shotputter..watch the last minute of the video.


He looks like a pretty small 320+ lb if you ask me....


You mean Werner Gunthor? He is 200 cm tall, it won't be strange if in the video he carries 320 lbs, even though he doesn't look exactly bulky.


Didn't realise that he was so tall... That's like 6 foot 6ish.. so about 78 inches? Assuming that was a box 52" high it was about 66% of his height.

I think Ortmayer's around 6 foot of 6'1..? So he's getting onto a box 72ish % of his height. 6%'s a lot at that level... and even then it's assuming Gunthor's the same weight as him!!

And even at that, I'm challenging the statement that shot putters that are 320+ can get up on 60" boxes, unless they're all 2m+ I find it hard to believe.


Man, I like Travis Ortmayer, and he's great strongman competitor (him + stones = fun), but the elite shot putters main characteristics are big, strong, explosive (the only exception being Timmerman, but what an exception), while Travis should also concentrate on strength endurance, multiple specific events and so. This is in no way putting Travis down, or giving someone credit he/they doesn't deserve. Shot putters really are extremely good in jumping disciplines like that, because they are pretty relevant to the actual movement of putting the shot.

Some interesting bits about some of the best shot putters
Gunthor reportedly had 95 cm vertical jump (got it from the DrSquat forum) and you can see him in the video power cleaning and power jerking around 210 kg.
There were speculations that Udo Beyer power jerked 300 kg, and after he/his coach were found and asked, it turns out he got "only" 275 kg.
Christian Cantwell benched 645 lbs and power cleaned 200+ kg, as reported by no other than Adam Nelson himself.

And how cool is to be able to juggle with 16 lbs shots? It's in the beginning of the first video of Gunthor's training, but they all are worth the watch:

P.S. Gunthor's normal weight was 280 lbs, you can see how lean he is when he is throwing in the sand pit.


hmm..i never said they 320 some are some weigh less..shotputters can jump high because they are explosive and strong


Ya said "shot putters around this weight can get around 60" from a standing position.. "

For me, "around" is approx 5-10lb +/- TM's 325lb.

Not doubting how ridiculously explosive they are at all like, just whether they're THAT explosive. Like an extra 8cm with no step is a BIG difference to what Travis did. Ridiculously big like.


That's awesome


If it helps, Werner weighed around 280 pounds.


Pyrros Dimas has a 64 inch vertical jump. STANDING VERTICAL JUMP!! Not a box jump.

You obviously have yet to get out of the "powerlifting box". Olympic weightlifters are generally more superior athletes.


Nobody feed the troll, please.


Ugh, but I wanna feed him some of this dynamite I got laying around. BTW, that dude jumping is fucking impressive.