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52 and Overweight

I’m 52 yrs old and 5’3". My weight before going back to the gym was 207lbs with clothes on, today is 196 lbs, with sandals and shorts on
My routine in the morning is to mix 1 banana, apple, pear and a little bit of 2% milk in the blender enough for two glasses.
I repeat this routine in the afternoon with a teaspoon of colon clean which works great.

My routine in the gym is 20 minutes of jogging in the treadmill and 20 minutes in the stepping machine, right after that I concentrate in the bench press and do 10/3, incline decline etc. and do alternate my shoulders and biceps and triceps.

My diet is not concrete yet other than watching what I eat.

For the amount of time I have been expending at the gym I do not feel light weight yet, I still feel overweight for my height and wonder if I?m doing it right.

Please feel free to advise me ?thanks

Vroom’s Beginner Thread -


Go ahead and read all those articles, but this is a great place to start -

The Beginner’s Blast Off Program


Only working certain body parts (chest, shoulders, arms) will lead to no progress and injury. I’d follow the cardio advice in Blast Off.

Read…I know some people will say thats brushing off your question but I dont think so there are some many great articles that will answer most of your questions that you just need to read them first and then clear up anything you dont understand by posting.
Read up on nutrition and training also you can post on the over 35 forum…there you can get help tailoring your program and diet to suit your needs training is different for someone in their 50s then for someone in their 20s. so yeah read up and then when you got some questions post em. good luck.

Thanks Guys,
Reading as much as possible



You have been handed a treasure chest in the form of that thread vroom started.

I suggest you begin with the most simple and important. The “7 habits” article (link is in the thread mentioned above)Nail those basics of GOOD FOOD. Diet is #1 to any and all goals you and others have.

Then slowly take your time and work your way through the other stuff. Avoid getting overwhelmed. Just add things as you get a grasp on them. Dont over complicate things and DO NOT hesitate to come back with any and all questions you may have.

Keep up the work, you have happened upon a great place. Change for the long haul, a lifestyle you are comfortabel to live with.

Hope that helps, and glad to have you round,

Thanks Phill,
I’m enjoing this site and learning new things every day


Hey no prob. anytime dont mention it.

Have fun learning,