52 and I'm in for the Long Haul

mid and afternoon temps are within range. stress is certainly part of it…between job and family situations.

tested LH/FSH to confirm it dropped with TRT.

dr. is suggesting a DHEA and progesterone blend to counteract the PSA…try and reduce DHT. He didn’t seem to worried about the PSA #.

i am panning on supplementing with low iodine as suggested. i only recently began using iodized salt.

my prolactin seems a bit high considering my e2 is within range.

i am having difficulty with erections/libido…which also seems odd considering my numbers…unless the PSA, and/or renal issues, and/or inflammation is messing me up.

no issues with urination/ejaculation/discolored urine…

Morning and …

I do not know what you are thinking “within range” means.

Your thyroid numbers are not good. You should be looking at iodine+selenium to avoid possible auto-immune problems.

Thyroid can affect libido, energy and sexual performance.