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518 Bench with a Prosthetic Arm!


Mike Hummel at the Raw Unity meet on Jan 24,2009. Mike took 2nd place overall at the contest.


What a badass!


Good Lord...

Now that's inspirational!


Amazing and an inspiration.

Here's him doing 650


Alright, this geared lifting has really gone too far now!

[/bad joke]

Seriously, that is impressive! Does anyone know how the "arm" works?


Fucking insane.


how the hell does that work lol
nonetheless, thats fuckin crazy and sick!


I would be scared as shit that the arm would pop off...
What a dedicated individual!


Alright, this geared lifting has really gone too far now!


Gogo gadget bench!


What a fucking badass.

Id like to shake his hand/clamp.


Wow. Those prosthetics are amazing.


Another excuse bites the dust...


Amazing lift, I'm just wondering how the hell the arm manages to stay on with all that weight. Is it grafted to the bone or something?


He has part of his forearm. The clamp part screws around the bar. Very good bench.


Its basically just a socket one end that fits the stump of his forearm, and a clamp on the other end. Mike still has a few inches of his forearm. I met Mike back in 2003. Really nice guy, and crazy strong.

I have a guy who lives near me that comes to work out occasionally, he has the same prosthetic arm, but also lost his leg, so he has a prosthetic leg as well.

Guys like that who have a disability, and not only persevere, but still kick ass are some of the coolest athletes out there. It really shows true inner strength, and pretty much shoots down any excuse anybody on the planet can come up with.


That may be one of the most impressive lifts that I've ever seen.


Truly impressive!


Mike is an impressive lifter. I have seen him compete on a few different occasions. I talked to him at APF Masters Nationals last May and he seems like a very nice guy.


That really says something about human nature and what we're really capable of once we put away the silly excuses.