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515 Squat Form Check

Heres the video.

I think i stayed pretty tight throughout the lift. Dont worry about that little tuck under at the end ive been doing that for as long as i can remember. But what do you guys think? Depth? Form? I squat with a modified high bar.

Thanks -Jkon

Also if anyone is bored check out my squat and deadlift montage haha thanks guys.


Looks kind of suspect to me, but I’m far from an expert on squats.
If that really is 515 that’s very impressive!

Looks really good to me man. Great depth, smooth rep. I like your squat style, you seem to use a good mix of quads, hips and back without any obvious weaknesses. If that is how 515 looks you should have a LOT more in you.

100x2 45x4 35x2 10x2 5x2.
2 100s- 4 45s- 2 35s- 2 10s- 2 5s

35 lb bar.

Thanks for the support nk i thought my style was just weird haha