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5'11.5'' 190lbs, 19 Yrs Old


Hey, everyone I have been a member for almost a year now. I have been rather quiet, just reading as much as I can especially akuma's threads trying gain as much knowledge and experience as I can. I've been training seriously 1.5 years now. That is when I started logging all my numbers ,thoughts and exercises, before that I was around 150 the typical kid that just kind of screwed around and didn't have a real schedule or any real knowledge.

I'm looking to eventually step on the stage, I do realize I am no where near ready yet, but that is exactly why I'm posting in here to get some advice, so be brutally honest in a constructive way of course. I'm starting to scale up my calories, as I know I need to put on more mass. I hope I'm not missing anything for my background, if I did let me know and I'll gladly fill you in.

I'm 5 foot 11 and 1/2 inches tall
at 190lbs
19 years old

Squat 340x3
Deadlift 405x1
Weighted dip 105x7 plus body weight
seated shoulder press 1x185
Close Grip Bench 3x245



Hack Squat
adding db lunges back in
pull throughs
Leg Curls
Standing calf raises

Tuesdays-Delts, Bi's, tris
Seated Shoulder press
Lateral Raises
Rear Delt flys
Close grip bench press
hs dip machine or overhead db extensions
tri press downs
Preacher Curl
Hammer Curl


Sup rows
Iso Lateral Rows
Lat Pull Downs
Seated calf raises

I'm thinking of switching to
weighted Wide grip pull ups
Rack pulls above the knee
then sup rows yada yada yada

Incline barbell press
Weighted dips
Flat Db presses
Cable crossovers from top
Cable Crossovers from bottom
Rotator cuff work








side chest


Front double bi


back double bi


side view


Calves....yeah I know they are pathetic


We are almost the same person. I am relatively new person here too. But I will be honest with you the same way I would be to myself as well. ok

1) We both share same problem in need more mass. Especially you since you want to compete.
2) I really noticed your deltoids lacking size in your double back bi pose.
3) Lats and other back muscles too I would say.
4)Do some forearm work as well.

In my opinion for where your at now those are your points that seem lagging in behind in relation to the rest of your body.

For good measure get your fair share of reps in for cock pushups as well.

Oh and also go really heavy on the legs weight wise. My legs look the same and I just altered my approach to resolve that issue. By Heavy I mean put weight on were it hurts and you gotta scream and contract your diaphram* to bang out the reps. I think you should also do some powerlifting lifts. I am gonna start doing more of those like hang cleans or power cleans. Honestly I think power cleans are the most awesome lift there is. I was thinking about it and I could not think of a single other lift that engaged as many muscles in such a gnarly way as the powerclean. Do those seriously.

Ok Mang Till next time then.


Definitely do more calves work, you do 2 exercises between 2 days. Make Shoulders on day and arms another day, you have like 3 things for arms. In my opinion because we basically are the same height , i just have a couple more lbs on ya , this is what I've found works best for me and a couple kids that used to train with me.

Day 1 chest day 2 back day 3 rest day 4 shoulders day 5 legs day 6 rest day 7 arms.

It's nice and simple, and I'd also add more compound movements like bench press in there. Fuck the dumb bells for now. If you wanna get big I'd add some power lifting exercises in there and eat a large pizza before bed.

Also, do more lat work.

besides that you're doing great!


Thanks guys, I definitely feel that I am upper back dominant vs lat dominant and really have to focus on the mind muscle connection to engage my lats. Definitely going to start doing wide-grip chins. I have been wanting to split arms and shoulders for a while so I'm going to try and do that, it is just tough working nearly full time and being a full time student to find the time for an additional day. I added forearm work back in yesterday and 1 bi exercise bringing it to 4 sets of 3 exercises for bi's, tri's, and delts(not including warm ups). I'm a little confused about doing more power-lifting exercises seeing as I want to body-build and each day I have starts with a compound lift, not trying to come off as arrogant but if you could please elaborate.


Yeah, I didn't notice that, I more or less just meant add benchpress in there, barbell. Also, 4 sets of bis tris and delts separately. I'd say 3 exercises for bi's and tri's. one exercise for rear delts is fine imo.


ahh thanks man, and I meant 3 exercises for bi's and 3 for tris, ha my mistake. Thanks again.


Why does this guy only have a 4 rating?
You have a great base, and can easily gain 20 + pounds without putting on much fat. Im not going to comment on specific body parts, but just work on putting size on your whole body (not that you arent doing that Im sure). What does your diet look like??


Thanks ebomb. I'll be the first to tell you my diet is not perfect but I am working on it. A typical training day will look something like this.

Meal 1:
Shake with 54 grams protein, 79 grams carbs, 5 grams fat + whatever the whole milk equals out
that starts off my day at about 800 calories. I have trouble eating in the morning and have found it easier to do that.

then class


post work out shake in 100% juice
50 grams optimum whey protein

about an hours after that

I'll fry up 4-5 eggs over easy some ham and 2 cups of oats.

I'll have another class, and then

Meal 4:

Buffalo chicken wrap and a muscle milk at school

Meal 5:

worldwide pure protein chocolate peanut-butter protein bar
31g protein, 25 grams carbs, 10 grams fat

meal 6:

some type of fish(cod, salmon) with veggies

meal 7:
pre sleep shake
50 grams optimum casein protein in whole milk with a shit ton of exrta light virgin olive oil


Yeah, definitely get 1 or 2 more meals in your ass before you train. Only a protein shake roughly 2 hours before you train is noooo good.


Agreed, added more food in. Thanks man.


Def deserves higher than a 5.1
at 19 this kid will be a beast. I gave you a 7. Im sure 1-2 yrs from now ill give u a 9.


great foundation for development, cant give him much of a score just because he has a "good base" or "will have a good build in a few years"

He simply doesnt have it now.

But all that aside, Food, MORE Food. You have two solid meals a day and one of them is fish, while theres nothing wrong with fish, you need more fats, more saturated fats, more poly, more mono, more fats in general.

Fats = testosterone production, your young try to peak it as hard as you can.

I know the internet is telling you that your getting enough fats from your fried eggs, but fat is an easy way to get more cals relatively cleanly compared to sugar. Just start eating some cheese with every meal, or hell I used to do shots of olive oil when I was younger in my shakes, or even straight up.

Extra virgin olive oil + lime juice + a little salt and pound that shit. Or if that hurts too much just soak some break in olive oil and eat it real fast and wash it down with something.

Only 2 of your meals are solid meals, 3 solid meals a day minimum. Aim for atleast 800 cals a meal, then use shakes and such from there.

People depend a little too much on supplements and meal replacements, its hard to beat good ole chicken and cheese and sour cream and tortillas, etc.

Try switching to whole milk, when I really need to bulk, I use whole milk, butter, heavy creams....

Old school diet tricks are "old school" for a reason, simple, logical, effective.