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5'11" 240lbs, Considering Cutting Down

@GorillaMon and @saintmax powerlifting and strongman has some good potential for charity, even though they are not lucrative sports. My gym helps run Relentless events (typically powerlifting and arm wrestling). The previous owners of my gym started the charity. They have generated a ton of money for medical treatments for kids.

The whole thing was never expected to grow to what it has. They wanted to pay for a couple procedures. It has become a multiple events per year, and has raised over a million so far (IIRC, several million).

What I am saying is that you both should continue your ideas of raising money though lifting. It might become something awesome.

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Please tell me you can’t squat or deadlift for shit so I’ll feel better. Beast mode dude. Very impressed. I don’t think you need to cut much but a little core tightening always looks good so long as you don’t sacrifice too much mass in the process.

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About 180 mg per week of injectable T, Low strength cream applied to the balls daily, HCG twice a week. That’s it… I take daily Cialis, arginine and citrulline as well. I have never even heard of Primo, what is that?

And yes I agree, I am genetically blessed…

I got into rep training around 10 years ago when my son was in high school. I took several of his friends to different combines and I trained along side with them. I continue to train that way to this day…

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My leg workout is less impressive. I do hit legs every week and typically for around 25 sets.

I warm up with 3 sets of light weight extensions, 3 sets of light hamstring curls.


135 x 20
135 x 20
225 x 15
225 x 15
315 x 10
315 x 10
365 x 8
405 x 6

Dead lift (I use what most people refer to as a trap bar)

257 x 10
347 x 8
437 x 8
527 x 6
617 x 4

Finish with heavier weight on my extensions and curls but at higher weight than I started… My trap bar weighs 57lbs and I have 2 100lb plates if anybody is curious at the odd weights on DL.

I just started HCG twice a week up from once a week. This will be my 3rd week. What are your lab numbers?

I just got labs back last week. I was shocked my total T was in the 600’s. My free T was out of range on the high side but I just thought the total T would be higher. I think my conversion to free T was over 4%. I don’t think the HCG impact my T much but it does keep my balls from dying. It also back fills all the precursors and keeps receptors all over our body active.

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Now why did you have to make me go and hate you like that!?! You look like that without a serious stack? Crazy! Do you know how many guys kill themselves with gear and lifting and diet just to even look close to you what you look like? You are truly blessed brother.

Now to your original question. I personally would not cut much. You have great separation, vascularity and definition. Yeah, you don’t have ab cuts except for the first pic but you still have a trim waist and a great chest to waist drop. You could probably drop carbs and water and see a lot more ab definition but you’re carrying your current weigh really well.

I know, I no longer feel this is a safe space :joy:

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A lot a good feedback from all the replies so far. Thanks for the compliments. I think maybe I should cut back on carbs, add in some core training and see how that looks. Might achieve my goal and retain most of my size. Periodically I do the intermittent fast where you stop eating at 8PM and back at 12PM. It is pretty crazy how one week of that impacts my physique. I just love to eat breakfast too much to do that an extended period of time…

I would also suggest looking around for a local place to get a DEXA scan to measure your bodyfat. WAY more accurate than those bio-impedance things. I found a local one where I live, they have a van with the equipment inside and you just show up at the appointed time. A DEXA scan will tell you a ton of info. Mine cost $45 and took about 10 minutes

Just a quick update. I am down 7lbs so far. I am stopping my eating at 7 PM and not starting back until 11 or 12 the next morning. This eliminates my snacking at night when I watch TV. I am sure this is also helping my GH production at night. I am also making sure I am getting at least 10,000 steps a day. I will take a pic in about a week.


Please stay around more and maybe make a log? It’s insanely rare we see someone posting in the Rate My Physique part of the forums who looks as outstanding as you do, and who doesn’t come across as a TOTAL duncehead.

Nice meeting ya. Everyone calls me PC here. Somewhat strong gal, of the few on here.


Thank you and nice to meet you! If I did a training log it would be extremely boring as my routine doesn’t deviate much week by week. I wouldn’t mind doing it though if people would like to see what I do. Thanks again!


Somewhat?! Don’t you squat 300+?

I’d be interested in it

Well yes. But uhm…well yes.

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