5'11" 240lbs, Considering Cutting Down

It is easy for me to bulk. I am seriously considering getting down to 6-8% body fat just to see what I look like. I train will a large group and found I have very few pics of myself but thought I would put a few out that I have. Even had to use my Halloween pic :smile:

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Looks good, but you are not going to pull a fast one on me. That center bottom photo is Lou Ferrigno.

Which photo is current? It seems you have a range of body fat levels shown here. I think 8% would look crazy on your frame. I wouldn’t bother going lower than that as you will only look slightly better than 8%, but will likely lose muscle doing so, and will look smaller in clothes. IMO, going lower than 8% is really only worth it if getting on stage.

Yes, I was comparing myself to him :smile:. I sent that to my friends to show them my hopeful comparison. Although I am pretty sure he is quite a bit taller…

The red hat and one with no hat that says screenshot are the most current…

Likely, as he was like 6’5". He was also better at body paint application lol.

Ok, maybe I target 8-10%

Yeah the body paint was pure hell!!! And I was awful at it…

With the red hat picture, I would say you are about 15% body fat. Hard to tell without legs or back shots. You have a ton of mass, so 15% looks good. Even 10% would look crazy.

The handheld device always puts me at 15% so I would say that should be pretty accurate…

I don’t trust those impedance testers, but I think in your case it is about right. People have a distorted image of 15% body fat, because many claim (usually unintentionally) that they are lower than they are. Especially on a muscular build 15% looks pretty good. As I said 10% would have you looking jacked as hell.

They have one at the checkout line of where I buy my supps. I could use it as at least a baseline. I am a big fan of vascularity so I would love to see what a drop of 5% in body fat does to that…

#armgoals… teach me brother. Is my jealousy showing much?

Can we ban this guy? I don’t like the way he makes me feel about myself.


Haha. I think what benefits my arms so much is my bench strength and the way I train. I really like heavy weight for high rep and higher reps in general. My chest workout would consist of this-

Flat bench
135 x 30 reps
135 x 30 reps
225 x 20 reps
225 x 20 reps
315 x 15 reps
365 x 8 reps
405 x 6 reps


225 x 15 reps
275 x 10 reps
315 x 8 reps
365 x 4 reps
405 X 2-4 reps

Incline dumbbells

100 X 15 reps
100 X 15 reps
100 X 15 reps


225 x 20 reps
315 X 10 reps
365 X 8 reps
405 X 4 reps

Machine fly’s

4 sets of 12-15

I know this seems like a lot but that is all I do for the week for chest. My arms measure their largest on Chest day. Do each muscle group once a week and I make sure I separate my chest and triceps and back and biceps. I do shoulders and legs in the middle. So it is like I hit arms twice a week doing this. I apply that type of training to each muscle group…


Your incline and decline work is with similar weight and reps? I could probably bang out 405 on the decline for a few reps, but incline I would be lucky to hit 315 for one. Do you not push quite as hard on decline?

I don’t decline anymore. Just flat and incline. I remember decline being quite a bit easier for me than flat though, and incline being a good deal harder than flat.

I am kind of capping myself right now. I tend to take it easy on decline but I am stronger on incline. I need the floor to plant my feet and drive from the legs and hips. If I started with incline I think I could do the same weight as I do on bench. My PR for reps is 405 for 9, 315 for 21 and 225 for 58. I feel like this is safer than going super heavy and I feel like I’m doing a lot more work. I know a lot of guys who are stronger on decline than any other press.

225 for 58 might be a record if you have it recorded. Don’t though as @GorillaMon is trying to break the record for charity.

That is some strong pressing. I am aiming for 405 for 1, just hit 385 recently. I don’t look near as big as you though. Still built looking compared to most though.

I was actually thinking about doing a fundraiser as well with reps. Trying to create a combine type setting with 135, 185 and 225. Either having pledges on reps or challenges. Try incorporating some high reps to your routine. Maybe even as the last thing you do. It is crazy what it does for building size and strength. I am also 45 and have been on TRT since 37. Never taken anything outside of a doctor prescription. I have been training since 13 and never taken breaks outside of a week.


This can mean a lot of things. GH, Anavar, Deca, apparently Primo is now available. It appears if you are willing to spend the money, you can run what I would call a moderate cycle legally though TRT clinics. I don’t have anything against that, just that TRT can mean a lot of things. Right now there is a thread on running 400 mg test, and 600 mg of primo for 10 weeks all legally though a TRT clinic. The guy could add in other stuff too if he was willing to pay for it.

You on just Testosterone in reasonable dosages? If so, well done, and you have great genetics for muscle.

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Sounds like I have some serious competition… I Iike it!!!