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5'11, 209lbs, 20lbs Gained in 6.5 Months


Well the first pics are from March 19th, 2009. I hadn't lifted a weight in 1.5 years and looked like crap. The 2nd set are from September 29th, 2009, after 6 and a half months of hard work in the gym. I mostly used basic 5x5 and 3x5 programs, lots of squats, overhead pressing, and pullups.

My diet was composed of anything high protein. I didn't go crazy on simple carbs, but my diet certainly wasn't 'clean', lots of milk and red meat and rice. I couldn't afford much in supplements, but I got my basic multivitamin and fish oil in addition to my diet.

Anyway, I know its difficult to compare relaxed pics(the first 4) to poses(the last 3), but I would like to hear any comments or suggestions!!!








As of 9-29-09









By the way, these pics are taken in my girlfriend's apartment (hence the background decoration) before anyone says anything hah


Nice improvements, it looks like your back could still use some work. How is your rowing and pullups?


x2 how's your mind-muscle connection? what I mean is, when you do your rowing do you feel most of the work being done with your lats/scapulae or your biceps?


Thanks for the replies, guys. I've always had trouble getting my lats to go anywhere, they only seem to respond to pullups so I've been doing plenty of those. Any advice on how to get them activated from rows to, or does it just take practice?

As is stands I'm pretty weak overall, which is why I'm doing my first cycle of 5/3/1 and plan to do 2 more before switching things up, so my lifts are about as follows:

Squat - 285x1
Deadlifts - 275x1 (sad, I know, working on it)
DB bench press - 90x1
Bent over rows - 185x5
Standing overhead press - 140x1
Pullups - BWx8 (up from BWx3 4 months ago)


Still have some work to do but great stuff so far, keep workin on those #'s you'll get there


I think your numbers look fine for six months.

Don't let the low rating get to you. You probably should have put this in the beginner forum, and I'm generally shocked you didn't get torched. It's a bit early for all the rating stuff.

Keep getting stronger in all your lifts and keep eating.


Good job guy. Just stick with it and I'm sure you'll see great results.


looks great. Keep up the good work.