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5'11 200lbs? ~1.5 years

So here is my friend’s current progress…good or not for 1.5 years? I think he’s still needs wok

Well obviously he “still needs work”. Everyone can always improve.

seems to have pretty decent arms and shoulders, can’t really tell on legs, and no shots of back.

Get some better pics, but for a year and a half, that ain’t bad.


after I saw that featureless pic of his legs, the front double bi was a surprise

post pics of back

Your ‘friend’ needs to post a before and after shot. Might be nothing for 1.5years. I have mates who cunts look better than me, and your ‘friend’ out of the womb.

Looks like he wasted a lot of time. In 6 months my physique changes dramatically.

Before shots,
looks like shoulders and core are being neglected. he has bad posture on his pic already concerned weather hes hitting back squats. He needs to get on a 12-16 week program for strength and he would see drastic gains in the 3-4 months that hes not seeing on whatever lifts hes doin… making up. he needs a regiment for sure!!!

Gains will sky rockets with a proper program.

without knowing where your friend started it’s impossible to express judgement.

Anyway from those pics I’d say legs are really behind and from the double biceps I assume that the back is not in much better shape.

Of course without knowing the starting point is all very relative…