5'11", 196. Cut or Bulk?

Hi guys, I’m 19 years old, 5 ft 11 and weigh 196lb, I believe I am around 13% body fat, my long term goal is to be around the 220lb mark, with a well built but stocky physique as I enjoy powerlfitng, shall I keep clean bulking with a 300 calorie surplus or cut a little and clean up any extra fat I have at the minute.

If you are indeed eating 300 above your true maintenance levels, I’d stay there diet wise and keep training my ass off. That’s how you make gains without becoming a fatty.


Thanks, so you wouldn’t recommend I should be cutting yet

As long as “long term goal” doesn’t mean 3 months, you’re in a good spot. At your age and current size, you should be on track to keep going like Stu said.

One crucial thing to remember, especially since you’re talking about powerlifting, is that your strength has got to increase on par with your size gains. Obviously not pound for pound, but if, like, a month goes by and you gain 10 pounds of bodyweight but your bench only goes up 5, something’s wrong.

For context, what are your current PRs on the Big Three?

Okay thanks, in terms of long term goal I mean by the time I’m 25plus and my
Current lifts are:
390lb squat
506lb deadlift
264lb bench