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5'11" 190lbs. First Cycle Questions

here’s what my regimen looks like:
500mg test enanthate | e4d weeks 1-12
.25mg arimidex | ed weeks 1-14, then .125 ed weeks 15-16
hcg 250iu | eod weeks 9-11
nolva 40/30/20/10 (daily, 4 weeks)

look alright to everyone? any improvements? this is my first cycle so i am keeping it simple. test, ai, pct. i have a couple of questions though:

i’ve been told taking vitamin a 25,000iu ed will prevent acne and 50,000iu ed will get rid of existing acne. i don’t really have acne right now so i can’t compare, anyone know if this is true? supposedly accutane is a derivative of vitamin a.

also curious about the amount of hgh you can gain from taking 1,000mg-1,500mg of niacin (b3) daily. anyone try this?

i’m gonna get my blood checked before i start and throughout the cycle and after. want to tell my doctor but afraid of getting reported and dropped from insurance. anyone have experience with this? i have an average family doctor.

appreciate any input, even if it is just to say my cycle is alright.

That’s probably too much arimidex. You can take it e3d and still be good. Is your plan 500mg test e4d or was that 500 split e4d?

500mg e4d because active half life of test e is about 4.5 days.

.25 too much? isn’t arimidex only active for 36 hours? what dose would you recommend ed? fyi i’m gyno prone

Well it’s more like 7 days, but that’s neither here nor there. Your first cycle and you’re taking what works out to be 875mg/w? Maybe you do need that much adex. Maybe you also need to reconsider how you’ve arrived at your cycle plan. Because that is…aggressive.

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hmm say i split 500 e4d, how much adex would you recommend considering i’m gyno prone? i really don’t want tits

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You should be able to get away with .5mg/w. Or 0mg/w and take a low dose of Nolva while on cycle. That’ll prevent gyno without pushing your e2 too low. There’s a long thread about why avoiding an AI is a good idea. It was written by our resident guru/endocrinologist/bodybuilder and he makes a strong case against AI in general.

Overdosing a fat soluble vitamin… doesn’t sound like a good plan.

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thanks for the article. that is why i asked.

the elimination half life of test e is 4.5 days. so in order to maintain the 500mg in my system, shouldn’t i be poking myself with 500 e4d? test cyp has an elimination half life of 8 days, so you would have cyp 500mg in your system for that long. thats how it works, right? am i mistaken?

sure you could say i am taking 875mg, but it isn’t really the same as test cypionate, right? if you took test cyp e4d 500mg then it would be like that, right? its all about the esters brah.

from what i understand, its like if advil works for 4 hours and tylenol works for 8, you would take 1 advil now and then another in 4 hours to maintain the effects. or you could get a similar result from taking 1 tylenol every 8 hours. if you think about it like this it doesn’t stack up to 875mg of test e per week, just 500 e4d, same as test c 500 e7d like a typical cyp cycle. nomsayin’? please enlighten me if my thoughts are invalid.

Yes. Eliminate half life is 7-9 days. Based on real medical testing. I know that 4.5 is a number that’s out there and it’s been repeated ad nauseam. You wouldn’t be totally wrong saying it, because everyone believes it, but that doesn’t make it true.

Pharmacokinetic Profile of Subcutaneous Testosterone Enanthate Delivered via a Novel, Prefilled Single-Use Autoinjector: A Phase II Study. Sex Med. 2015 Sep 17

I could say that because it’s an actual fact. The math is the math. You fundamentally misunderstand how half life works and how it compounds over time. Beyond that, where did you get the notion that you are smarter than nearly every other knowledgeable vet who advises a 500mg/w first cycle? Do you think that 500 is too low of a starting dose?

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i think 500 is a fine starting dose. thanks for the info. what do you think about frontloading?

You think 500 is fine but you’re going to take a lot more anyway.

Front loading isn’t necessary for test e. Something like EQ, sure. But test e raises serum testosterone levels significantly within a day of injection. Front loading will just make dialing in your e2 harder. What you want more than anything else is consistency of your levels throughout.

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would you recommend splitting 500 e4d or shooting up once a week? after what you’ve told me i’m guessing you’d recommend weekly. wouldn’t there be a drop off in test by sunday if i dosed on monday? really appreciate the replies btw

Just split 500, administer twice weekly. That’s it. Take 250 twice a week. E3.5d. That is the gold standard for first cycles.

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Well, sub Q typically does have a slightly longer half life than IM, that being said I believe the half life of IM test E is 7 days. It’s also parroted that the half life of test E is like 11 days, and I’m like “lol wut, if that was true then ppl wouldn’t be complaining about e2w TRT protocals”

But yeet thanks for posting that study, I’ve actually never seen that one before, good to know we finally have some pharmokinetics regarding sub q injections of test!! There’s also one on sub Q nandrolone, if you’re interested I can link it.

any thoughts on my pct?

would running hcg throughout the cycle prevent nut atrophy?

do you have a link?

PCT looks good. Maybe make it 40/40/20/20 instead of dropping to 30 on the the second week. But otherwise that’s standard protocol. HCG will definitely help keep your testes functioning and stave off atrophy. Your dose is good (250iu) but I’d say run it twice a week rather than eod. HCG can cause serious aromatization that isn’t combated by an AI, so too much can be a problem.

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