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5'11", 182. What to Work On?


I have posted some pics of my physic. Please rate and let me know what I need to work on. Here are my current measures and training:

182 lbs

Train 5 days per week


Are you active duty? Any height/weight restrictions?

IMO, you need to add mass. What kind of program do you follow? Do you gain weight easily? How many calories are you taking in?


I am not active duty. I would like to hover around 185 lbs. I do not gain weight very easily.

My program is as follows:

M-30 min incline walk and 10-10sec sprints
45 minutes arm workout

T-1:15 minute leg workout. 10-10 second sprints

W- off

Th-10-10sec sprints. 30 minutes incline walk
45 minute chest and back workout

F-30 minute incline walk
45 minute arm workout

Sat-10-10 sec sprints.
60 minute full body workout


In your opinion, if I chose to stay at my current physic, is it acceptable for my height/weight? I want to look like i Lift.



Given your goals, you look fine. Hitting your traps and shoulders would certainly help.


Well you look fit. More like a runner than a lifter. You want to stay at your current weight yet still add muscle? Doesn’t really work like that. You’re pretty lean now.

If you want to look like a lifter, then wider lats, thicker back and chest, bigger delts, bigger traps, bigger triceps will all give you that look


^I endorse studhammer. Probably would add “eat more, but be smart about food choices”.


How can I hit my traps harder? I try so much to make them grow but they won’t


Thanks. So I would incorporate some deadlifts, squats, bent over dumbbell rows, seated rows, chins, dumbbell bench, cable flyes, face pulls, dips and like @biker said…FOOD.

Reduce the cardio too.


Many times when people say “I want to look like I lift weights” (myself included), this is what we’re after …


Looks good to me



“Looks good to me”-are you talking the physique or the suggestions in the post?


The physique.

I also think the suggestions are reasonable too. If I were you, I’d eat above maintenance, and if you want to work traps/delts, spend a few weeks prioritizing shoulders and a few weeks with heavy pulls. Maybe end every session with some shrugs for a few weeks if you think they’re lagging.

I’m no bodybuilder by any means, but what works for me is just prioritizing a body part and hammering it frequently over the course of a few weeks/months. I ended all my sessions with an 8x8 lat pulldown and grew a shirt size.


Ok, all. I currently have a very healthy/clean eating menu over the course of a week. Then, on Saturdays I do a minor refeed, then get right back on the clean band wagon. If I cut down the cardio, do you think this refeed can still be done? I like the refeed because it helps me stay focused on my clean eating


yeah, why not? You’ll probably have more energy for lifting. A little bit of mass might help with some of your lifts even if its just water or glycogen


Does anyone else have advice on whether I can still keep my refeed day and cut out/lower my cardio walking? Thanks!


If you are increasing volume of other workouts than theoretically you could cut back on walking cardio and still be expending the same calories per week, but cardio also has other benefits. Maybe incorporate fewer sessions but do HIIT cardio (stationary bike, treadmill), takes a lot less time than walking and is more efficient.


I already do HIIT before my walking. 10 second sprints on the treadmill at 14mph (as fast as it goes), then 10 seconds rest. I do that ten times. Then I walk. I used to do only HIIT sprints but I would do about 20 minutes of that and it got to be waaaaay too much!


Definitely cut out one of those 45 min arm workout days. Do another upper body day, with lots of chins and close grip bench type exercises -will still give your biceps and triceps a ton of stimulus.


Yeah! I’d use that time for OHP and shrugs/backwork instead!

and maybe just tack on some biceps and triceps at the end of every session


Soul Fighter:

  1. Do I cut out some cardio or all walking and just do some HIIT to incorporate these extra lifts?

  2. If I take out cardio, can I still get by with my referee day and not tack on fat?