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5'11. 180lbs. Training for 2 Years


320 bench
350 squat

I have been training for about 2 years now, but have never been serious. I just kind of went through the motions until i read Radical Hypertrophy training. I have never been consistent on training my legs thus they are very small. More pics to come


i want to gain mass, but i am pretty strong for someone as slender as i am. I am desperate need of a good diet to gain weight.










did you rate yourself a 10....


Post mandatory pics or gtfo. Read the sticky. Giving you a 1.


OP is hawt, isn't he?


no i didn't rate myself a ten lol


dude I'm 6 foot, 185 pounds, and you have me beat on both lifts, so good work lol.
ps if you are squatting three hundred plus properly your legs aren't that under developed.
what's ur deadlift at? ( hoping I at least beatyou in that category lol)
give ya a 7. I wud give you 8 but 7 will motivate you more to get hungry.


Thanks bud. I've actually never done a deadllift in my life lol So i have no clue. Im starting it this week tho. i'll keep u updated.


I'm always amazed how people come on here at weights like 180 and say they bench 320. I weigh almost 230 and have been training seriously almost twice as long as you can barely do that. If you can do that I want your training program. Oh and you should post that by the way. As far as a diet to gain you can tell by your pictures your not eating enough to gain. You're way too slim. You need to bump the calories for sure. Drinking a lot of whole milk and protein shakes has always worked for me.


I have no reason to lie about benching 320. But i have been stuck on that for quite sometime now. I work extremely hard in the gym but i don't eat nearly enough to gain size and my metabolism is ridiculous. I work out with two guys that are your size and im just as strong as them.


He has a good chest, he's lean yes, but he could be strong. Some people are jsut stronger than others. Besides at 230, your not really anything to write home about. So if youve got 50lbs on him and can only just manage that then use this to work harder.


Btw. i wasnt meaning to give you shit, you have a better physqiue than myself and are most likely stronger than my 200lb self. But yeah, just because most ppl lie, doesnt mean everybody does.


You look pretty good in your chest. What about your legs though? I'm guessing because you haven't posted them, you don't work them? I think you look like you've been training for 2 years supprisingly, but you definitily could have gained more mass in that time.


yaa im really bad about eating right. Im def not getting the calories or the protein intake i should be getting. And im really bad about working on my legs. I play so many sports during the year thus its hard to work on them without compensating my performance.


excuses are like assholes.


Looks good! Keep up the good work!