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5'11'', 180lbs, 18yrs Old


Hello everybody, I just wanted to have some honest feedbacks about my pics.
I'm 18, 5'11 and 180 Ibs, training only with the body weight (dips, chin up, push ups ...) since approximately 1.5 year. (There were periods where I stopped, some weeks where I wasn't serious about my training ...).

I actually use the "Lafay Method" that is a body weight training book written by Olivier Lafay, a french guy.
I'll try to give more infomations if it's requested.
















5 shots of your chest and not a single leg picture. Quickly go read the sticky thread on the rules in this forum, and then try to fix this thread to comply with those rules.


I was looking for a leg pic. I just found it, it's a little old, anyway...


I was looking for the leg pics, I just found one but it's a bit old, however...


Need about 30-40 lbs on you. Your definition isn't bad at all but you lack overall size both in terms of width and thickness (especially).


Your lack of mass, especially in your legs, is most likely due to you only training with body weight. If you are actually serious about getting strong and putting on size you need to man up and start lifting weights. Get a gym membership, and start eating. Sadly since you only train body weight you are probably very weak but dont let it deter you from the gym. Everyone starts low.


Actually, I prefer to be cut, even if there isn't a lot of mass, I like a physique more athletic than Bodybuilder.
I'm now trying to to arrive to 8% BF for the summer just to see how it'll look like.
Then I'll start bulking, and get some mass during winter.

Concerning body weight training, I saw very good recults from some guys, they've got a lot of mass and the results are very comparable to the other who lift weights.


You don't really look athletic, you just look underdeveloped. Again more size would give you more what you're looking for.


yes go for 8% your doing the right thing.

You have made great progress for only bodyweight exercises.


Not to completely disagree with you or anything.... but Seriously?!?

Athletes train with weights, athletes TRAIN THEIR LEGS, I understand that you dont want to be massive, with your body type it would take you a while any ways. But dont compare your body type to an "athlete". Im not trying to give you a hard time, but you post your pic, here is the criticism. Hit the weights, youre under developed every where. My little brother trains only body weight(he is 11). Im going to look through some pictures and post them of him, your body types are very similar. You will not take your body to the next level only lifting body weight. Im all for push ups dips and pull ups. DO THEM WEIGHTED
Goo luck with your goals, but seriously think about hitting the gym, it will take your body from the natural middle school physique to a more competitive level.


Ok I'll try to, thanks for the comments :wink:


Here are some new pics, I hope I made some progress. All criticisms are welcome.