5'11", 165lbs Current Condition

Hello ,
Taken last month , 38y old , 5’11 165lbs , BF6-7% , out of 4months low carb (30-50grams).
Want your advice to gain 20lbs lbm !

Abs look sick man. Nice job on the cut. Looks like you need to work on the lats a bit to get a better taper. Also, arms look a little small which probably hurts your overall look when you put a tshirt on. 20lbs LBM? I saw you post in the pharma section. Based on your results I would try a TRT program before jumping on a cycle. You could always blast later. Seeing as you have a very low range free test you could probably add 10lbs or more just on TRT.

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20 lbm at 38 yrs old. I do not see it happening with out Pharma.


Slowly add back in carbs. After 4 months of ketosis you’ll gain 10 lbs of glycogen and look way fuller… which counts as lbm. So you’re halfway to your goal already. You’re welcome.

Seriously though if you do add back in carbs take before/after measurements. You’ll be shocked.


Strong looking physique with great conditioning. Core and legs look great. A few different poses could make it easier to assess chest/back a bit better.

What has your training looked like?

20lbs of LBM is a tall order for anyone, and especially for those with a few more years under their belt. Adding carbs back in and a slight calorie surplus would be a good start while following a proven program focused on hypertrophy. Obviously being “enhanced” would make things happen a little quicker as well if you have all the other aspects (training, nutrition, sleep/recovery, etc) in check.

Helluva starting point though, I think there are a lot of people out there that wouldn’t mind looking like your current condition. Nice work.


To be brutally honest, I don’t think that frame can hold on to 20 lbs of lbm (at least naturally). You can gain 20 lbs but that will come with a bit of fat as well

Thanks blshaw
I’ll take pictures of the chest, arms , i even think That chest and arms are quite good , legs are on excellent condition but lack size ,both in quads and calfs.
Can you help me with TRT ? How do i do ?
My goal is to be close to 185lbs with This condition

Thanks littlesleeper
Almost all year long i use 5*5 stronglifts with some minor adjustments . Summertime i reduce volume and add CrossFit like twice week with some fasting cardio (30’ walk)
Normally workout 5times week .

Thanks emperorhirohito
But when you want something very much impossibles usually happen .
It’s true that i’m ectomorph ,small frame and só but if i gain Weight i’m almost certain that Will not gain to much fat

Where are you located… USA? Based on your labs you would likely get rejected by an endo but not a men’s clinic. Your free test was pretty low and if you retest the same during your consult you would have no problem getting a TRT if you are willing to pay out of pocket. Defy Medical is one of the best and they will work with out of town patients I believe. You start by taking 100mg/test per week and then redo labs after 4-6 weeks. Based on your results at 100mg/wk you can then adjust your dosage to get you in the optimal range for performance but still within medical standards. You existing labs indicate likelihood of high SHBG which means you will probably end up on a higher dose than 100mg but its a starting point. I am a high SHBG guy and I take 140mg/week which puts my total test and free test in the top 95% of lab ranges.

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I’m in europe , Spain more precisely.
I’ll visit my doctor again and ask if i can pass me another blood work This time with shbg test.
Let me bring the TRT subject with him to see what he advise .
But if you stop your weekly shot the test levels still hold good , or you need permanent needling??

Mad aesthetic. Makes me wanna drop to 165 and see how I’d look.

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If you go the TRT route it would be for life, its not for cycling. You could cycle test but you are not going to keep those gains either unless you keep cycling on and off.

If you’re in Spain go find Testex Leo for pharma of that’s your course. Used to use and it was really high quality stuff.

Maybe reintegration of carbs via cyclic ketogenic? May give you the hormonal / glycogen bump to move the needle without radically changing diet per se (and continuing to take advantage of the keto aspect)?