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5'11", 152 Pounds. Looking to Start Anavar

Hi lads

Just looking for some advice before I start taking Anavar 50 (oxandrolone 50mg). I think I’ve been reading too much online tbh. People getting loss of libido, loss of erections etc. I’m looking for anyone who has experience. I’m 25M, 5’11” and 10st 12lbs. I’ve been working out for about a year now, dieting properly with advice from a PT. I’m just looking for a little boost. I’m getting mixed answers online in terms of dosage etc. Any help is appreciated.


Hey Piston,

Ive been using 25-50mg of Var only for several 6 week cycles now, ive experienced no issues whats so ever, no loss of libido, no joint issues and increased strength etc. I take it on an empty stomach. Youll maybe require a ml or 2 of test400 if using 100mg or more daily, but at 50mg daily you should be fine.


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Hi Rob,

I appreciate the reply and the feed back. I’ve actually just learned that 2 of my friends also take it and experienced no effects either. In fact, they said it’s the best they’ve ever felt! I have 50mg tablets so I’ll stick to one a day.


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Given the short HL, if you can, split that into 25mg AM & 25mg PM for best results.

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If you get a low libido from anavar it is because we are never supposed to take an oral only cycle. When we do that regardless of dosage of compound our natural testosterone production gets suppressed. So we take only anavar and WHAM BAM we have no Testosterone in our system. Lots of things stop working properly without testosterone.

Now if you are getting low libido while on anavar and you are taking testosterone like testosterone enanthate. Then you could be dealing with estrogen from the test and or you could have fake anavar that is actually winstrol and dbol mixed. That dbol is a known aromatizer so it produces plenty of estrogen.

That last thing would be that you have a less than healthy liver situation and the anavar is just pushing you over the top.

Really even at a low testosterone state anavar is a DHT based compound, it should raise your libido.

I think you might have gotten a few different things confused or maybe your info source was just that bad.

Can you run through your stats again, I don’t understand “and 10st 12lbs.”

Again since I think you are new to all of this and have some whonky info sources; the first cycle should be TESTOSTERONE and only TESTOSTERONE. Also no one should ever do an oral only cycle. Anyone suggesting that it is ok, run away from them so fast that the rubber on your sneakers is melting.
If you are not wanting to inject something into yourself then AAS is not for you. I put that in there because so many guys (myself included) felt that giving a self injection just seemed to be too much to easily accept and follow through with.

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If thats the case then the only thing you should be doing is eating and training. Forget the drugs until you have a solid base.


152lb (14lbs in a stone) - op has no place at all starting roids, surprised anyone’s actually giving advice other than don’t do it (particularly the guy affirming oral only cycle!?).


Am 43 and only started using a year ago, i was giving the same advice, i.e., dont do oral only, itll do this and that, depends on the dosage and length of exposure, ive experimented with test400 only, low doeses var only and a combo of both. The var only give me the effect i wanted with no negative side eftects. Note, i did advocate the individual should use some test if he decides to use higher doses of var, dont know about other orals, no experience with those.
Obviously, if the individual does experience negative side effects he should stop the cycle, which am sure hes the good sense to do.

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I think it lowers SHBG so if you are mid to low it might cause loss of libido, but if you are higher then brining it down could make you feel better (more free T).

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@100grams thank you. People conflate “good drug to take when cutting” with “drug that burns fat”. It’s nonsense. Winstrol is a “good cutting drug” because when you’re cutting you’re aiming for a certain visual change and winstrol does that. But it doesn’t mean you’re magically burning more fat because of it. You could absolutely cut just fine on high test and dbol. The problem is you don’t see the results the same way until after you’ve shed the water and glycogen, so guys assume that those drugs don’t work for certain goals. Anavar was shown to burn abdominal fat, in one clinical trial that observed non-athletic men. That’s not the basis for using it and yet it has worked its way into the Broscience Guide to Sterons, 9th edition, anyway.


Take 12 eggs a day. 6 in the morning. 6 in the evening. To be taken in addition to your normal diet.

Honestly dude you just need more protein.

Cuz @alex_uk is spot on. You do not need roids. You need a good meal. And more time.

Also what are your goals? Size or strength or both? And what’s your progress from last year? You see after a year your PT should have you building some size on you. You can gain a good kg of quaility mass a month as a newbie. And you can double your lifts year 1. It’s not a given but its possible.

If your not making the gains you want, post in the bigger stronger leaner section. Cuz you’re not at the point of needing to roids. At all.


I often hear this is a womans drug, perhaps many woman do use it. But some of the strongest men in history have sworn by it for decades. I’ve been training for years in a strongman gym, theres elite level powerlifters and strongmen there (one of whom has just been invited back to westside bb by LS, another that’s placed high in the masters WSM) who noted a marked improvement in strength when taking this drug. I noted a good strength increase myself for a modest dose.

No one is denying the efficacy of Anavar, just stating that OP doesn’t need drugs at all and that oral only cycles may not be the best choice.

One short paragraph that should be the end this thread!


And am merely stating that anavar often gets chalked up as a drug for woman only given its mild effect. Its something ive heard said many times.

Oral only cycles indeed may not be the best choice as you say Alex, but in my own experience with using low doses of the said drug, ive experienced no negative effects, gives me the effect i want…which of course isnt adding size.

None of us really “need” drugs, unless of course prescribed by GP for medical reasons, but at 25 the poster is an adult whom am sure can make his own mind up, theres potentially much more harmful drugs he could be messing with.


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Hi lads

I really appreciate all the replies, wasn’t expecting it tbh. It’s been a great help and I’ve taken it all into consideration.

I keep hearing people say oral only isn’t a good idea, but I’ve never actually been told why. Yes I’m 25, been training for a year both with online PT (due to covid) and me and my mate also have some equipment in my garage. Got a weight bench with a bar bell (fully stacked 70kg including bar) we have dumbbells, only 9kg, 12.5 and 15kg.

We have training full body throughout the week, upper on Monday, upper and core Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, lower on Thursday, cardio Friday (running and squash) and then upper and full body on Saturday then rest Sunday.

I’m currently on 180kg of protein a day. I have a balanced diet including chicken, rice, lean 5% mince etc etc, protein shake in the morning with 2 scoops of chocolate milk and 2 sachets of porridge oats. It hasn’t been a constant diet the full way through as I’ve strayed, but never for 3-4 days at a time. I haven’t gained much weight as I started at 10st.

My bicep was 11 inch and it’s now only 14 inch, which of course, I’m not happy with. My mate is ahead of me in terms of progress. I was told by a few mates who have personally taken oxondrolone, Anavar 50 as well, that they were fairly impressed with the result of using a 4-6 week cycle. They don’t know much about them, which is why I’ve came here to look for more detailed answers, from more experienced lads.

Cheers, again.


Fair enough, bit of a weird tangent as no one mentioned women in this, thread but sure Anavar is well used in men and effective, no disagreement.

You may not experience negative sides but it’s still generally a poor choice, shut down natural T production with a non-aromatising compound, trash your lipids and then have to restart (assuming you pct?) and all for a 6 week cycle? Higher dose or lower dose shut down has happened.

Yes but an ill informed one (no judgement he’s come for advice let’s give it to him) who doesn’t need drugs. At the end of the day it is his choice but we shouldn’t be encouraging bad decision just because he’s an adult.

Yes and we shouldn’t encourage those either, just because these drugs might not be as dangerous doesn’t make them safe, doesn’t mean we should recommend them. Odd logic.

You’re young, you’re lean and you’re gaining slowly, that’s fine I started at that point too. Honestly if you’re not happy with your current results I’d ditch the PT spend the money on more weights and a squat rack/power cage and more food (I’d also stop trying to eat clean).

Like I said I started off similar 10st 11 @6’2 - I’m currently 15 stone and bulking and I’ll give you s hint it’s not lean mince and rice - and I’m not looking for 12lbs in a year.

Good gains on the guns though dude!

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It was actually mentioned by one poster this is the drug most use by woman. But that’s not why I said what I said, Im merely stating theres fraternity of men out there who will try and convince others this drug is for woman only.

My lipids haven’t changed much at all thanks, probably because I stay toward the 25mg end. Of course Its advisable people get blood works done every so often no matter what they choose to use. I’d imagine there is a percentage of shut down with even the small dose I use, but no where never to the degree i would get using a much higher dose. Again, on or off, I’ve experienced no issues a good few told me I would have.

Ill informed; opinions vary, I found myself in the same boat as the poster a year ago, having never used I asked about, one says this, one says that, so i experimented, both with test400 and without, only difference I noticed with the test was bad skin, something I’ve never had before.

Odd logic, ugh. Sounded to me like hes his mind made up to use, it’s just a matter of time. In conclusion all am saying is hes picked one of the safest drugs there is, not entirely safe, but better var than heavy compounds that come with a boat load more side effects.

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This will be my last reply on this.

Again, wasn’t in this post, wasn’t relevant, not sure what it added to the discussion, but nevermind.

Great, it’s always a good idea to aim for the minimum effective dose.

Shut down doesn’t work on a percentage basis, that’s supression, shut down is shut down - 25mg or 50mg won’t make a difference. You should be aware that some people never recover from cycles, it’s rare but it happens and that’s the sort of thing op needs to hear.

Yes it is, particularly given this situation, a 25y/o skinny guy (sorry op I’ve been there myself and that’s what it is!) Who’s trained for a year, and looking for “a little boost” - caffeine, creatine and food are the types of advice this guy needs, not yea Var is great get on it. Give it 2 years after this advice he’ll be another guy on these forums complaining he can’t get it up and has been 5 cycles and can only build on g’s of gear a week (maybe hyperbole but seen so many of these threads, it’s not funny). He needs to get the basics down, not drugs.

Yes by your logic anyone who’s made up their mind to do heroin should not be persuaded not to but guided to less harmful drugs, shall we go for cocaine? It is a stupid arguement that it’s less harmful. You have no idea what harm it could do to this guy, if he’s got congenital heart issues it could kill him. Yes chances are it won’t, yes chances are he’ll be fine, but it’s entirely pointless to take that risk when the guy still has a tonne of beginner gains to make.

Anyways you seem convinced you’re right and I have no interest in a back and forth so that’s my final reply to you on the matter, will reply to OP if necessary. Hopefully OP can see that not using drugs at this stage is the better decision.

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You are a male and as such testosterone is important for overall development. When you suppress your natural testosterone by taking an oral steroid you’re taking two steps forward and at least one step back. It’s inefficient and it doesn’t give you much in terms of gains over a longer time horizon. In your particular case the only thing you need is food and time. Both are available in abundance at age 25.